Hi, I am a 35 year old woman who was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in June of 2010. I have three beautiful children ages 6, 2, and 7 months old. They are the reason I am fighting!! This blog is to share my experience and how I am fighting cancer.


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  1. Shelly,
    What a shock! My family and I have been praying for you and your family since we heard your horrible news. Stay strong in the Lord. He will never give you more troubles than you can handle – with His power.
    Love and many prayers,

  2. Hi Shelly,
    You have a beautiful family! Hang in there girl, we will be praying for all of you. The power of pray is truley amazing and I do beleive that the Lord will not give you anything more than you can handle!! It may not seem like it at the time, but it is true. Have fun with the wigs!! Kari

  3. Hi Shelly, You don’t know me but I know your family
    Your fater in law Steve and the whole family Joyce
    was one of my best frieds from 9th grade on we still
    keep in touch I spent so much time at the Frame house
    growing up they were more like family. My heart hurt
    when Steve was lost as I had just lost the most important person to me don’t know if John knew him or not they called him Bosco he had open heart surgery and did not make it. I know John proably knows my brother Artie Murden Steve and him grew up
    together. I have faced alot of loss in my life and
    heartache. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister now it’s only Artie and me and like you I have stage 4 breast cancer with mets to my bones and bone marrow so I really do understad how you feel and think this is a
    great site I will check back often. I have been blessed I was diagnosed 18 months ago and up till
    January I was doing really good hardly any symptons at all but that’s the way it was before I found out
    I had all my reg checkups and mams it was just in a hard place to find. I was HER+ so for the first year they just did homrmone therpy but in Jan. the cancer
    started eating my blood and now ever two weeks I have
    to have blood. Was in the hospital in March and they
    did another bone marrow biopsy and I am no longer HER+ so they decided chemo was the next best option
    the first treatment really kicked my butt I ended up in the hospital for 3 weks came home for 4 days and ended up bak for another 8 days I had to have my power port taken out and a new one installed so I start chemo back next weeek a different kind so hopefully it won’t be as hard on my system. I am so glad yours is shrinking you have three beautiful children to take care of for many years to come I
    tuly believe in my heart you will beat it. How many weeks did you have to do chemo? And you know I really thought losing my hair would be a big deal and
    acually it was not that bad and I love your blog today. I was told to use just a good conditioner and
    it would help keep my scap soft and shampoo is just overkill. Please feel free to contact me anytime and
    I wish and pray only good things in your futre

    Suzy (Murden) Johns

  4. michelle: i am so sorry to hear of you cancer. you were brought into my life by amy bonton. being a fellow cancer patient i do not turn my back when someone or something new comes into my life. i too am in my final month of chemo. i have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, cancer of the lymph glands (the deep abdominal ones) and cancer in the bones of my spine. got my good news last week with c/t scan saying no new tumors, growth etc. we have battled to a standstill. can’t wake for the two months withoug chemo starting in november. my schedule is first visit of the new session is about 10 hours. i get 8 different chemicals during that day. i get very ill from this treatment. i go back each week after and get a short course (only 4 bags of chemicals). getting hard to find a vein these days and they are contemplating a permanate device which i am resisting. how do you like your portal? from your photos it looks like we have many of the common side-effects too. have you suffered from any confusion, disorientation etc.? nurses and doctor call it “chemo brain”. it’s the worse. i get very frustrated when i can think right. after the first session i thought it would be easy but each session takes it’s toll on me. can’t wait for the break. where do you go for treatment? i’,m going to the new ras facility on k steet (the old galeria bldg). i know what you say about the 60 year olds, which i am one, …..would love to hear about you and your experiences. i note you have tried dietary supplements and new foods. is it working for you? i, on hte otherhand, have tried marijuana (in edible form) to see if there is really any medical benefit. works well on the nausea, appetite and sleep. canm’t say i get any relief from the weakness and being tired or pain. i have a full basket of pills plus the chemicals they give me. my system is totally messed up enjoy you chemo break. i will pray for your full recovery as i hope you will pray for me. i really do think the prayers work.
    i also thank amy for the introduction.

    • Russ,
      Thank you for you comment. So sorry to hear that you too are struggling with this nasty disease. Regarding the port. I would recommend getting a port. It has really been a blessing. It is an outpatient procedure and I really didn’t have any pain. It also doesn’t really hurt when they access it and if you want you can get numbing cream to put on before they access it. I have heard many people say the port is the way to go. There is also the Pic line but I hear that is very hard to keep clean. I also have a little bit of chemo brain. Sometimes when I am talking I will forget what I was saying or can’t come up with a word. It is very frustrating! It sounds like you have had many more of the side effects than I have. I don’t take any pills- except for my supplements. Most of the time I just suffer through any pain and my diet takes care of digestive side effects. I do think my diet has helped with keeping my energy up. I also believe that prayer has helped me get through this! I will put you on my prayer list.

      • Hello Michelle,

        Would you mind contacting me to give me your Doctors information. I am looking for other medical opinions. You can call me or email me. My number is 916-684-1365. Thank you so much.


  5. Hi Michelle,
    How are things going? We really miss you guys here at the YMCA! We think and talk about you guys alot. I hope the new house and your new lives are doing good. The pictures look like the kids are having fun. Dont forget if you guys ever need anything to let me know and also keep us updated. I am now following this so I can keep up to date with you! Miss you guys!

    Ashley & the YMCA Children Center

  6. Dear Shelly, I don’t know if you will see this comment. I am asking you to research on line Vitamin C IV Therapy for cancer. I still can see you as a little girl at the Galt school. God bless you. Helen Erwin Witherspoon

  7. I remember working with you at 6th grade with fond memories. You were usually working with the students in the library. You found yourself pregnant and were so sick but very happy. I think of you always and pray for you and your family. I sit here now crying, thinking you, Michelle, are such a special person. You always think of others and family during this long illness. God is with you and your family. With prayers, Doris Johnson.

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