The House

This was the third week of chemo for me. I felt really good but of course that doesn’t always mean anything. Once again my white blood cells are really low and I have virtually no baby white blood cells. My doctor decided to hold chemo this week. Can’t say I was surprised! Since I had two weeks of chemo I figured one of my numbers would be too low.
I did learn that I am done with my treatment plan. Apparently the doctor has to enter a time length for treatment into the computer and I was scheduled for a 4 month treatment plan. So I know that sounds like good news. It just might be. Next week I will go for scans and then the following week I will meet with my doctor to go over all those scans and decide on what to do. I could be doing one of the following:
1. If the scans come back stable or No Evidence of Disease then I would be taken off the chemo and would start back on a hormone. Not sure what hormone I would take but since I have done two of these and they worked for 8-9 months I could go back on one of those or I might go on a different one. We will see what the doctor thinks.
2. If the scans show that the chemo is working and the cancer is shrinking but I could use a little more of the chemo, the doctor would put me back on the Abraxane for another 4 months and then do another round of scans.
3. If the scans show that the chemo didn’t touch the cancer or it seems to be spreading then I would have to try another chemo.

I did get some good news regarding my CTC tumor test. This is the test that started at 861 and has slowly dropped. My September results show that I am at a 3 which is in the normal range. While this is the best news ever, I still have to wait for the scan results to really “see” what the cancer is doing in my bones.

So last time I posted I talked about the new house that we bought. Some of you asked that I post some pictures of our house so I thought I would do that. Let me remind you that we bought this house as a foreclosure and it has sat empty for the past three years. When we bought the house the previous owners took all the blinds and bathroom mirrors. The walls are in pretty bad shape as well. Since we have sold our house in Illinois we now have that money to put back into making our new house look nice. I can’t wait because this is definitely my dream house! Beware there is a lot of pictures. These are my before pictures and you will notice in most of them there are nail holes that have been patched. We are getting ready to slowly paint the house. My hope is that as we finish each room I can post before and after photos.

Here is our living room. As you can see I still have a lot of bookcases to fill. (Goodwill has been a great place to pick up cheap books!) The bottom picture is the view from the front door. I love that it opens up to the kitchen. There is also a screened in back porch area as well as a deck.



This room is the play room and my sewing room. It has a beautiful window that looks out over the driveway. The plan is to get a longer sewing table and some shelves with basket storage for the toys. Also I would love to get rid of the brown curtains and put some fun, colorful curtains up to make it fun for the girls.


This is Jett’s room. We are going to get him a headboard as well as a trophy case. I think we will get him a new comforter because while I love this one it is a bit young for him. We have looked at several but Jett can’t decide what theme he wants to go with.



This is the kid’s bathroom. As you can tell there is no mirror. This room was painted a bight blue with white sponged on it. I think they were going for a cloudy day look??? John threw on a coat of paint but I think we will end up painting it again.


This is the girl’s room. We plan on getting them headboards. The girl’s room has two closets so they have enough room for all of their clothes.



This is our breakfast area. (Not sure if that is the right name?) We thought we would leave the blinds off these windows but at dinner the sun beats into the windows and it is very hot at dinner. We may have to rethink that!


This is our kitchen. My favorite part is that it is opened up to the living room so I can see what is going on when I cook. We are replacing the refrigerator because it doesn’t really go with the rest of the appliances and the ice maker is broken.DSCN1459


This is our dinning room. We need to get a rug to put under the table. Also included a picture of the light fixture. It is very pretty but a bear to clean!



This is our laundry room. I love the storage above the washer and dryer. There is also a sink which is great!DSCN1464


This is our master bathroom. We do have a bathtub as well as a shower.


DSCN1468  Here is our master bedroom. We are planning on getting a new comforter as well as a headboard. Right now we also have our TV stand from our old living room in our room because there is no where else to put it. Soon it will go upstairs.




This is a room built over our garage. In Savannah they don’t have basements so this is considered the basement. Most of these boxes have garage items or basement items in them. We do have a large attic space off of this room that most of the stuff in the boxes will go in but it is just a matter of deciding what John needs in the garage and what he wants to store. The plan for this room is to make it into a “man cave” with couches and TV.


Here is a picture of our deck. This picture was taken inside the little screened in porch off the living room. This porch area is nice because in Savannah we have mosquitoes and sand gnats. This allows you to enjoy the fresh air without getting ate up!



4 thoughts on “The House

  1. Love the open floorplan of your house! The kitchen is lovely.
    I’ll continue to pray healing and encouraging test results.

  2. Yeah for the low CTC# encouraging. I agree with Susan, love the open floor plan. Jett could make his room STL Cardinals! (lol) Still praying for no signs of disease.

  3. Very encouraging to hear a bit of good news. Praying that the scans will show NED. Lovely house . Beautiful windows . I know you will have a good time turning it into beautiful home. Praying for no chemo so you will have enough energy to do all youneed to do. your living room seem to have the same color as mine. LOL.

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