This week my numbers were good enough to get chemo. While they were no where near normal I was very surprised. They had actually gone up quite a bit in only a week. My red blood cells were all the way down to 6.9 the week before and this week they were up to 8. My platelets had dropped to 67 and this week they were 84. I guess my body needed that extra week of rest. Chemo went pretty well. My biggest complaint would be the fatigue. This could be because of the chemo itself or could be because my red blood cells went down (that is a common side effect of dropping red blood cells). I basically tried to rest when I could and did work around the house when I had energy. I am finding that I can do a lot in the morning as long as I take it easy when Kaylee is taking her nap. By the time the kids get off the bus I have more energy to deal with homework. I do go tomorrow for another round of chemo so we will see what my numbers look like.
So I know everyone is wondering why the title of this post is stuck. I think the best way to explain is just to show a picture.
photoYes that is John’s truck and it is stuck in the mud that is our back yard. I laughed so hard when I saw this. He called two of his friends who had large trucks with winches to come help him. It was a lost cause. They just couldn’t get the truck out. It was quite comical! The next day the men working on the backyard came with the heavy equipment and they ended up getting the truck out.


To give everyone a little background, when we bought our house, the backyard was mostly filled with the tiny trees  you see behind the truck. We decided we wanted more grass so John cut down a lot of trees. Then we had some men come in with large equipment and start spreading sand and dirt. Then came the rain. We have been dumped on all of August. It seems that every day we have a thunderstorm or a very heavy downpour that lasts several hours. While it is typical for Georgia to see rain, usually it is a small rain event that passes quickly every afternoon. This has been unusual, or so we have been told. Needless to say our backyard has turned into our own personal swamp. Here is what it looks like after it rains. It has been a long wait and we still have a mud pit in the back. As I look out back today it looks like it is finally drying out so hopefully they can start working again and we can remain dry for a while. On a positive note, we have seen several deer in our backyard. We have seen a baby deer that seems to explore on its own. The kids love it when they see it!



4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Michelle, I had to chuckle when I saw Johns stuck truck pictures. It made me think that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree ~ like father, like son! Keeping you in my prayers for good numbers tomorrow!


  2. Michelle – I’m glad you were able to take the chemo and I hope it was successful.

    On another notes, it looks like you have some ground where you are? The house you purchased was it the same you were looking at earlier this year? Can you post some pictures? I’m sure everyone would love to see your new home. Take care, we’re keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. I hope deer are all that come to your yard! You have wonderful potential there! Praying you continue to gain strength and finish your treatments strong!!

  4. Looks a little like a swamp in Louisiana where I grew up. Glad that you were able to take chemo, that sounds sort of strange but know that it is necessary. Wanted to share conversation I had with a friend who is in the battle also. They were telling me about baking soda that has no aluminum and pure maple syrup as an additional natural way of fighting cancer. I researched today on line and wanted to share just in case you haven’t read about this. Continued prayer for you and your family.

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