No Chemo Today

Well today I went in to get chemo and because my numbers were too low I couldn’t get chemo. I know what you are saying. “Didn’t you just have a week off?” Yes. Last week was my chemocation. I did, however, go in last Monday to check my red blood cells and they were at 7 (normal is 12). They didn’t go down from the week before when I got chemo. The thought was that because I had that week off my numbers would rise a little. OK so my body decided that it wasn’t going to cooperate. Today my red blood cells were 6.9. Too low for chemo. Also my platelets were too low. Mine were 57 and normal would be 150. Because platelets are what clot together if you cut yourself, I have to be extremely careful! The plan is to take this week off and then try again next week. Hopefully my body can make some more red blood cells and platelets.

On to other news, I got a new wig. Because Gulfstream’s insurance doesn’t pay for wigs, I am stuck with the wig I got several years ago. While I love the one I have, I am not happy with the top of it. The top of the wig feels crunchy and I can see little pieces sticking up. The top of the wig looks like they just hot glued the hair on the lace not threading it through. While John says that you can’t see it, I can feel it. I decided to see if I could find an affordable wig online. I found one that was only $27. I love the top as it has a piece of rubber that the hair comes out of so that when I wear it, it looks like my actual scalp. So I thought I would show you guys both pictures and then take a little poll to see which one you like better. So which is it long or short?



15 thoughts on “No Chemo Today

  1. I think she looks beautiful no matter what!! Can all of you please make this a tie so the kids do not have to see any more model shows? The kids like both, however they like the long hair better, they say it looks like Michelle’s Sister Jen.
    Stay Strong, you encourage us!

  2. I vote for long. I have always liked long hair. By the way you really look great in it. still in our prayers.

  3. Michelle your light shines through no matter what you are wearing on your head but for voting purposes I go with the long. Continued prayers for all of you.

  4. Michelle – my vote is long hair … it makes you look younger IMO 🙂

    I hope all goes well and you can have your chemo treatment next week.

    You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,

  5. I love the long one. I have it in blonde but wear a hat with it because the bangs just don’t look right on mine. The short one is also cute. I think I’m going to shop for a short one. I imagine its easier wear.

  6. Michelle,

    You look good in both so you can change off to whatever your mood is, but I do like the long one better, it does make you look younger. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully all goes well and you can have your treatment next week. I did hear something on the news today there is some kind of Chemo replacement that is new and is suppose to be much better. Maybe see is your doctor knows about it and if it would be good for you. Keep your spirits up and your faith strong. Love to you and the family, Donna

  7. Hi Shelly. They both look very nice, so I cannot vote one way or they other. But I like long hair also. Most guys do. Stay strong!

  8. Dear Shelly. I think I like the short one, the way you had it fixed, but the long one looks nice too. Papa said he liked the long one, I guess he is with the men.
    We will pray that your blood counts behave. Love you lots

  9. Hi Shelly — I continue to pray for you. Your mom and I went to the Academy together.
    Definitely the long one is better.

  10. You look great in both!!! I say if you feel more comfortable in the one with the long hair go for it! Looks great and natural!

  11. You look smashing .i like the long more . But your sile takes the trophy what an encouragement and inspiration still in my prayers

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