Lots to Tell You

I have so much to tell you because I have been a bad blogger! The last time I posted I had finished my first dose of my chemo. When I went to get my second dose my white blood cells were too low and I didn’t have enough “baby white blood cells” to help protect me. So I didn’t get chemo. I was told not to eat fresh vegetables or fruit which proved to be very hard!! I felt really good so it was surprising that I had such low numbers. And while the vacation was great I really wanted to get the chemo so I can kill the cancer in my body.
Last week was the third week in my cycle so once again I went in for chemo, praying that my numbers were going to be high enough. My white blood cells had taken a huge jump and were almost in the normal range. I was so happy! So I was able to get chemo. I felt pretty good all week and once again Tuesday and Wednesday were my hard days, but even those days weren’t as hard as the first dose. I guess my body is getting use to the chemo.
This week was my week off. Even though I missed a week the doctor decided I would take this week off so that I can try to get 3 weeks in a row. If my body can’t handle the 3 weeks in a row we may drop down to every other week.

About two weeks ago my hair started to fall out. I was told by my doctor that it might only thin so don’t shave it or do anything drastic. I decided to get a shorter haircut so that when it did start to thin it wouldn’t be so annoying. Well needless to say I started to see more and more hair fall out. And even though it was pretty short it was still annoying. I left hair all over the place. It got so annoying I started wearing my bandanas around just so I wouldn’t shed everywhere. Then on July 4th I took a shower and it just came out in handfuls. It was like Independence Day for my hair! Here is what I looked like:

photoTalk about thinning out. Since I couldn’t walk around like this I decided to just shave it off. This is what it looks like now:

photo-1Yep I am officially bald. There is still quite a bit of stubble left so I am not sure if I will lose that too. This time around I lost more hair than I did last time. While I don’t have much attachment to my hair it was hard because I am having to go through another round of chemo. I will probably wear a wig this time because Jett says it is embarrassing for me to go around bald (I think I would have to get some sun on my head because it is really white). I don’t want to traumatize my little boy. I might even be able to get another wig because we have different insurance. I was thinking a long blonde wig and switch them daily. HAHA

So now the reason I haven’t blogged in a while. We bought a house!! John found a house that was a foreclosure and had sat empty for almost 3 years. The bank wanted to get rid of it so John put a very low offer and the bank accepted. We are very blessed to have found it when we did and if it hadn’t been a foreclosure it would have been way out of our price range. Well this past two weeks we moved into our house. John worked very hard moving things all by himself. I was able to box up some of the kitchen when I felt good but he did most of it himself (he did have help moving the heavier things). This week I have been unpacking and finding a place for everything. Since I didn’t have chemo this week, I have had a lot of energy and our house is almost put together. Yesterday I treated the kids to a day at the beach. It was a day of sun, surf and relaxation! I did try to sun my bald head but was afraid of burning it so I put sunscreen on it. Needless to say it is still pretty white.

The kids are doing great. They seem to take everything in stride. The girls love exploring the new house and helping me find a place for everything. Jett is adjusting but misses the friends he made in our old subdivision. We do have a subdivision pool but we haven’t had a chance to visit it yet. I know once school starts both Abby and Jett will get to know the kids on the bus and will find out where kids their age live. I don’t know how Kaylee will do without her best friend around all day. Hopefully I will be able to keep her busy with easy crafts and home schooling.

I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and support. I also really appreciate those of you who have added me to their church’s prayer lists. I know that  God hears all those prayers and has continued to bless me in this fight. Please continue to pray that I can get chemo the next three weeks and that this chemo will be easy but still effective.


5 thoughts on “Lots to Tell You

  1. Michelle~Thank you for the newsy update. We are always excited to hear from the Frame family and continue to keep your prayer needs as sticky notes on God’s throne room. Speaking of room, congrats on the new home as we ask Jesus to make it a place of joy, beauty and shelter from the storms of life. Keep weathering the cancer with your positive, powerful approach for we know that ALL things are possible for those who believe and are called according to His purposes.

  2. Dear Shelly, I’m also grateful for all the many prayers lifted up in your behalf.We know that we serve a prayer answering God and each prayer is heard. It is a real chore to get every thing in its place. Take care and I’ll be praying and thinking of you at each treatment. I’ll be holding your hand across the many miles. Love, Grandma

  3. Prayers ascending! I like the idea of you bravely showing your bald head because when I see a woman this way I immediately pray for her health. Being sensitive to Jett’s needs are important too, I’m sure you’ll find a balance.

  4. Hi Michelle, We can tell from your post that God is continuing to Bless you. We will continue to pray for you and your family as you continue on this journey. Congrats on your new home. I am sure you are having a fun time putting away and decorating. We will cotninue to pray that God will hold you safe and close during this time of your chemo treatments.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

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