Abraxane Week 1

This week was my first week doing Abraxane. It is a IV chemo but is said to be one of the “easier” chemos. I went in for my transfusion on Monday. It went really well. The infusion itself only took about 2 hours but I did also meet with my doctor so all together it was a little more than 3 hours. I did get some pre-medication- steroids and anti-nausea medicine. I also started with a lower dose than normal because my platelets are still low. Hopefully this chemo won’t mess with my blood too much.
Monday night I felt pretty good. Of course because I had steroids I knew I wouldn’t feel the effects of the chemo until Tuesday. I was sent home with some anti-nausea medicine just in case I had any problems. Tuesday my head felt like I had a bobble head. I was tired but overall I still felt pretty good. It felt like I was coming down with the flu or something. Wednesday was the worst day. I knew going into this that Wednesday would the rock bottom of how I would feel. By Thursday I started to feel a lot better. I did have some pain in my bones, mostly my back and hips but I read that is to be expected as the chemo is attacking the cancer there. Whenever I feel that pain I picture my chemo ninjas attacking the cancer and I say “Bring it on!” I have felt so sick for so long on the Afinitor that now I am feeling better than I have felt in a few months. Today was so much better. I ventured out and did all my grocery shopping and still had energy to spare. I didn’t even need a nap today which felt really good! I still have a little bit of a cough and have finished my antibiotic so we will see what the doctor says on Monday. I read about a lady that was on Afinitor that had the same symptoms as me and it took 4 weeks after stopping Afinitor for her cough to go away. Afinitor really messed with both my liver and my lungs so I am hopping we can get those back to normal soon!
The really depressing thing is that I have two days to feel normal and then it is back to chemo on Monday again. I do know that the first round is always the hardest because it is like a shock to your system so hopefully this next week will be a little easier. Please continue to pray that this chemo will work and the side effects will be easy.


7 thoughts on “Abraxane Week 1

  1. Thank you for keeping us posted. So pleased that you could go shopping!! Of course we are praying that this chemo will do the job and that you will feel better than you have in the past. I think about you everyday, and especially when I go in for my checkups. May the Lord bless you and your family in the greatest ways you cannot imagine.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    We continue to think of you and keep you in our prayers. Your strength continues to amaze me! But I know you are a strong Christian woman and we know that anything is possible with HIM! God Bless You! We are praying hard this chemo does what it needs to for you. Sending you lots of love and hugs. I so wish we didn’t live so far away.

  3. Michelle, we will continue to pray that the chemo is successful and you have minimal side effects. God be with you and your family.

  4. Such great news. We are with you in Spirit and sending our love to the entire family but an extra measure for your tough battle. You are such a trooper ~ you and your ninjas keep up the fight. Glad the new drug is showing signs of success. You’ve done everything you can…God will do the rest. Keeping the Faith <

  5. I pray each morning that today and each morning your strength will get stronger as you get up and go about the day. The promise is sure.
    I was very happy to hear that you were feeling better.
    Love you much!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Michelle,
    So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. We will be praying for you today as you have your second chemo treatment. It is wonderful that your Mom and sister were able to come for a visit. Nothing is better and more comforting than loving family when we are ill. Remember we are praying for you in Pewee Valley. God is good every day.
    Ronnie & Debbie Harris

  7. Michelle, up tonight praying for you and your family. May our wonderful Father in heaven give you peace during this time of chemo. I pray that you grow stronger and that the chemo helps. God bless.

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