Happy Birthday John

So I told John that on his birthday I was going to post some pictures of him as a child. My husband is now 39. Yes I know he doesn’t look that old, although he always says that his gray hair and wrinkles come from me and the kids. So here are some pictures that I found:
photo-1photoSo I guess Jett gets his baseball skills from John?????? Not sure about that but he does look cute in his uniform.

photo-3This is one of my favorite photos. It was taken early in his flying days. When I met John he had this picture on a shelf in his living room so it was even before he got his first flying job. I always thought he looked so cool in it.

I thought I would also include a quick update on what is going on with me. I saw my doctor this last week and once again my blood is having an issue. My red blood cells are on their way back down as well as my platelets and white blood cells. My doctor told me to keep taking my medicine but I am afraid if I continue it will just lead to another transfusion. I am scheduled to have scans this week sometime so we will see if Afinitor is actually working. I guess if the scans don’t come back good then it is on to another treatment and if they do come back good maybe I can take the Afinitor every other day or take a few days off to get my numbers back up. Either way I feel as if I am on a downward slope into territory I don’t really want to go!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John

  1. Continued prayers for you and family,will be praying for positive results from the scan. Give the girls a hug for me. Tell John happy birthday.

  2. Continued good thoughts & prayers going your way–for you & your family! Much love & many blessings!

  3. Continued prayer and keeping positive thoughts for you, Michelle, as you have your scans and blood work this week. Please wish John a “happy birthday” from Chuck and I.

  4. We may have moved away from Savannah but we’re never too far to pray, which is the most powerful “medicine” we have to fight this cancer. Unfortunately we probably can’t help with John’s getting older! You and your family are part of Duey and my daily devotional so we appreciate you being specific so WE can be specific in what we ask from Jesus. He has a special plan for you and the Frame family and we are blessed to be part of it. Stay positive, rested (if that is even possible with 3 kids) and keep the faith <.

  5. Dear Shelly,
    Prayers are still heaven-ward you that the tests will be very positive for you, Remember God is still on your side and will continue to guide and give you strength each day. Remember He still has a plan for you. Love, Grandma

  6. My prayers are for favorable scans and improved blood counts. Your anticipation of these scans is very difficult, I’m sure. I pray for peace and faith for you and your family each day.

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