Easter, Birthdays, and Spring Break

I know that it has been a while since I posted pictures of the kids. There has been so much going on that I find I don’t have a lot of time. With Abby and Jett in baseball right now each night is spent at one of their games or practices.
I thought I would try to do a quick picture catch-up of everything we have done in the month of April. Warning this post will have a lot of pictures!!
For Easter our neighborhood clubhouse had an egg hunt with an Easter bunny. Here are some pictures.



For spring break we drove down to Jupiter, FL to see the Cardinal’s spring training. The kids had a ball!


Abby’s 5th birthday was on the 12th.

DSCN1395Since she is playing baseball I decided to get her a pink batting helmet. Of course I had to add a little bling to it. It is hard to tell but I hot glued little rhinestones to the top of the helmet. She was thrilled!

DSCN1387I also had to include this present in my post. When Abby was born my mom made her a blanket. Abby has slept with this blanket every day since. You can imagine how ratty it had become. Then it started to unravel in the middle until there was a huge hole. My mom made her another one for her birthday.

IMG_1814DSCN1392DSCN1391Jett’s birthday was on the 25th. He turned 9. I can’t believe our son is already 9.

DSCN1401Thought I would share a few pictures that I found. The only picture you will see where John is wearing pink!! Jett’s favorite color is purple. John has always told Jett that pink and purple are girl colors. One day John took Jett to work and John’s director (hi Mike) was wearing pink and Jett told John in a voice that everyone heard that his boss was wearing pink and pink was for girls.photo-6


Okay so I warned you there would be lots of pictures.

On a quick health note I am feeling much better after my transfusion. I am still tired but I am taking it easier! I go in this week to check my red blood cells and hopefully will be able to start taking Afinitor again. Thanks for all the prayers!



2 thoughts on “Easter, Birthdays, and Spring Break

  1. Great photos. Really enjoyed. Tell Jett that on his advice I don’t wear pink any more. God bless you all

  2. Just looked at the pictures of the kiddos and know you posted them a long time ago. Can’t believe how big the kiddos are getting. Thanks for sharing the photos and the updates. You and the family are always in my prayers.

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