Afinitor Weeks 2 and 3

I have to say I feel like a teenager again during weeks 2 and 3 (and not in a good way!) Week 2 brought very dry skin. My right eye also started swelling up and was very itchy. It was almost like I had tried a new mascara and I was allergic to it. Then in week 3 I developed a rash on my face that looked like a really bad case of acne. It itches and burns all the time! Then I also developed a mouth sore in my right cheek. It feels like when I had braces and one of the wires poked and rubbed a raw spot into my mouth. It got so bad that I called my doctor to ask for relief. She gave me something called Duke’s mouthwash. It just numbs the sore and the rest of my mouth for 10 minutes so I am able to eat. She said it would also heal the sore but I have yet to see any improvement. I also asked her about something for the rash on my face. She then wanted me to come in so she could see what the rash looked like. After the appointment she suggested I go off Afinitor for the weekend and then come in on Monday to access how I am feeling. The good news in all of this is that my white blood cells are really good. I also read about several women who got really bad sores. One woman had 17 sores in her mouth when she first started. After stopping for a few days and then restarting she said the sores went away. Still hoping that the Afinitor is working. I think that if I knew it was working then this would all be worth it.

Jett is doing really good in baseball. He now belongs to both a travel ball team and a rec team. His team is starting to show improvement. Two weekends ago we came in 2nd in a tournament. Jett got some really good hits and caught a ball in the outfield. I was very proud of how much effort he is putting into his game. He is really growing up!


I also wanted to share the girl’s Valentine’s Day dresses I made for them and their dolls. You can go here for more pictures:



3 thoughts on “Afinitor Weeks 2 and 3

  1. Good job Jett, I wish I could see you play. The girls look cute as always. I hope the weekend off the medicine and then returning will help you less the side effects. As always you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love to all, Donna

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Love the girls dresses and the dolls also. Still wishing I knew how to sew. You are so creative. Yea Jett on his games. Sorry to hear the medication is causing problems however I love your attitude turning it into remembering your teen years. We miss your folks very much Pewee is just not the same without them. They became very special to us. We will continue to pray for you and your family. God has Blessed you so much through this and His Blessings will continue to be poured out upon you.
    Praying for you in Pewee valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

  3. Dear Shelly, I pray that the discomfort from the new Medication is subsiding now. I was glad that your parents spent some time with you to help you last week. I suppose the children enjoyed having them there. Continue depending on the Lord for strength and He will guide you. Remember He has a plan for you.
    You and our family are in our prayers.
    Love, Grandma & Papa

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