Afinitor Week 1

So I have been taking Afinitor for about a week now. I have researched all that I can about what other people experience. I read that the first few weeks are when the most side effects happen. I guess it takes your body that long to get use to it in your body. Many people reported that after 3-4 weeks many of their side effects went away or weren’t as bad. Most people got mouth sores that eventually go away. Fatigue and digestive issues are both reported. Rash and itching was another thing that had me concerned. Overall it doesn’t sound that bad.

I have to report that Afinitor really hasn’t really been that bad yet. I do have one mouth sore that is in the back of my mouth. I did read that mouth wash and warm salt water helps keep your mouth clean so I have been doing that throughout the day. I don’t have a rash but I do have to say that I have little pin prick itchy spots that drive me nuts. I also have some digestive issues but nothing compared to what I have read. I am trying to eat lots of foods with fiber. Fatigue doesn’t seem to be an issue either. I think going to bed right after taking the Afinitor is helping. I do lay down when the girls take their nap. Sometimes I fall asleep and other times I just rest. I seem to get a burst of energy in the evening so I save my house cleaning till then. All in all it is pretty normal at our house. I am praying that this will keep the cancer away for a long time because this treatment is very tolerable!

So is it working I can hear you ask. Well we really won’t know for sure. Since I didn’t have any pain at my scans I can’t rely on reduction in pain to tell me the treatment is working. I guess as long as I do not get any new pain we can count it as working. I am not sure when we will do scans again but I imagine it will be around 3 months.

So I have been back at the sewing machine. I always feel happy when I am sewing or creating. This time I made a top for Kaylee and a matching dress for her doll and Abby’s doll. If you would like to see more pictures you can go here:








Jett is doing really good in baseball this year. We have already played in several tournaments. Abby is signed up to start T-ball as well. She is so excited!

I had to share this last picture. I have tried lots of things to get the girls to take a nap. Typically I don’t have any problems from Abby. Kaylee on the other hand really works hard to not fall asleep. I have found that if I sit on the bottom of her bed and keep telling her to close her eyes she will go to sleep. It usually only takes 10 minutes but if she doesn’t take a nap she is horrible to be around. So one day I didn’t want to sit in her room because I had other things I needed to do. I went to check on her and here is what I found:




2 thoughts on “Afinitor Week 1

  1. Glad to hear that you are adapting well to the new meds. God is good! What an adorable picture of Kaylee and her bed of shoes, every little girls (and big girls) dream!

  2. Michelle, Good luck with the new medicine and yes hopefully you have little side effects and the medicine works forever. Kaylee did a good job on her shoes. You do a wonderful job on sewing and I am sure the girls love the matching outfits. You and the family remain in my thoughts and prayers. Love to all, Donna

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