God is Good

I thought I would share with everyone about my experience yesterday. If you remember I said that my new drug of choice was going to cost around $200 a month. While researching the side effects of the drug I came across a card from the makers of the drug that would help with that monthly payment. I had to order the drug from a specialty pharmacy. While talking to the pharmacist I mentioned the card. He had never heard of it before but he said we could try to see if it would work. Well to make a long story short, the card works! I will only have to pay $25 a month for the medicine. The pharmacist was blown away and kept saying he had never heard of such a card. God sure is good and once again he is showing me that he does perform miracles!

Thought I would share a couple of pictures. Jett just finished with basketball. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture but he was the tallest player on his team. And Jett isn’t really tall for his age. He really liked playing basketball and he did really well. They unfortunately only won one game.


Here are the girls. This has become one of my favorite pictures! It looks like this picture was taken during the fall but in fact this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. The girls love playing outside! I have to say being out in the sunshine makes me feel stronger and ready to fight!


Lastly I had to include this picture. This is what some of the roads look like here in Savannah. I love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees and then the palm trees on the other side. It is so beautiful! I feel like I am on vacation all of the time. I sometimes wish I could include the smell in some of these pictures.  It reminds me of fresh air. If you sit in our backyard you can smell the pine trees.


I will be getting my prescription of Afinitor on Friday. I have been told it doesn’t matter what you take it with or when you take it but it has to be at the same time every day. After reading a lot about others experiences I have decided to take it right before bedtime. They say it takes about an hour for the fatigue to set in so I figure it can set in and I will sleep all night and hopefully have more energy in the morning. I am still concerned about the mouth sores especially since I can’t swallow a pill. The plan is to crush it up and put it in some yogurt. I read that is what they do with children who have to take this and they don’t get too many mouth sores. Please pray that I can stand the side effects and that I don’t get any mouth sores.

I also wanted to share this thought that I found and it really comforted me.

God’s voice                                Satan’s voice

Stills you                                       Rushes you

Leads you                                     Pushes you

Reassures you                              Frightens you

Enlightens you                             Confuses you

Encourages you                            Discourages you

Comforts you                                 Worries you

Calms you                                      Obsesses you

So whenever I feel like everything on the right I know that is Satan talking to me. I will trust in God because I know he has a plan for me. If I can trust him when my life is easy then I definitely trust him when things get hard. I have to put all those negative thoughts out of my head and let God lead. Sometimes that is easier said than done!


3 thoughts on “God is Good

  1. Dear Michelle, what a wonderful testimony you are to the love of God and to His watchcare over his children! You inspire and uplift every one of us who is privileged to know you and to read your comments. We love you and your sweet little family and pray for you daily.

  2. Dear Shelly, What a beautiful testimony about God,s goodness. Keep up trusting. God surley has a plan
    for you. Depend on Him each step of the way.
    Our prayers are with you always and with your dear family. Love,Grandma and Papa

  3. I copied the God’s Voice piece you sent and I will put it somewhere that I will see it so I remember to listen for his voice. You are always in our prayers.

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