What’s Happening

Thought I would post on what is going on here in Savannah. I have been busily sewing again. I am now into making American Girl doll outfits for the girl’s dolls. They are loving it! For more pictures you can go to : http://michelleframesews.blogspot.com/2013/02/mccalls-5835.html



The weather here has been nice for a few days and then a little colder (60s). As you can imagine we are outside as much as possible. Kaylee and I are struggling with colds that I think come from the weather changing so often.

I had a routine scan the other day. It had been a while since I had one so we decided it was time. I am still awaiting the results. I had to drink the worst tasting liquid.  This was to provide a contrast so they could see all my organs. The technician told me that my girls couldn’t sit on my lap until after dinner. I guess I was radioactive! Not really sure that is healthy for me either! I don’t know if you can see it but the drink was berry flavored (well that is what the container said anyway).


4 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. Michelle, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, so this is a late wish. The outfits are cute and I am sure the girls love it that they can dress their doll like them. In regards to the shake you had to drink, they never taste good but hopefully it will be worth the good results. Tell the kids when I miss them I look at the picture they painted for me and listen to there voice. Enjoy the nice weather and take care. You and the family remain in my prayers. Love to all of you, Aunt Donna

  2. Hi Michelle,
    So very happy about your progress. You and the girls look so great. Glad you are into the sewing again. You are really talented at sewing and photos!!! I especially liked the photos from the beach last time. We were having 22 degree morning temps when I looked at those pictures and was a wee bit envious. It is good you are in warmer weather. I’m back at work full time and feeling very well. My prayers always include you and your family.

  3. Michelle – You are so talented with the outfits for the girls and their American Dolls. You could put on ebay and make some $$$ if you have time. …

  4. Dear Michelle, thanks so much for sharing these glimpses into your life. You are a beautiful inspiration to all of us in the way you deal with the struggles of your daily life. God is blessing you and, through you, blessing those of us who know you.

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