Another Birthday

Once again I got to celebrate another birthday. Typically someone my age would not look forward to getting older but I really like when my birthday rolls around. It means I have survived another year with this nasty disease. Since my diagnosis I have celebrated three birthdays. I thought I would share what we did for my birthday. My wonderful husband gave me a weekend of fun! On Saturday night he took us out to eat. Then on Sunday he set up the bounce house for the kids. It was 80 outside so I put my chair in the yard and enjoyed their laughter. I did jump for a little bit with the girls. It was a great, warm day. Then on Monday one of our neighbors asked if John and I wanted to take the girls out on his boat. It was a blast! John asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him he gave me the best gift- 80 degrees on my birthday!! I actually got a little bit of a tan over the weekend- I’ll count that as my gift.

photo-2 photo-3 Richmond Hill-20130114-00031And because I posted pictures of the kids when they were babies on their birthday posts, I thought I would post these. I found them when I was unpacking some of our boxes.

download-1Here is a picture of when I was about 4. Don’t you just love the decor?

download-2This was always one of my favorite dresses. Wish my girls would sit still long enough for me to do the curls in their hair!

downloadHere is me with my sister. I believe this was my room. Don’t you think I should wallpaper the girl’s room with that groovy wallpaper?

download-4If you look in the background you can see a rug on the wall.

download-3And of course I had to include this one. Don’t you just love the shirt and glasses?? This was taken at my grandma’s house and yes that is a mural on her wall.


6 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. The photo of you as a little girl with the curls looks like Jet with a wig and a dress, you two look so much alike. Tell Jet that this is from the guy that wore pink shirts to work.

    You all look great, the seashore sure must be good for you. Tell John Hi for me.

    You continue to be in our prayers.

    Mike Mikulin

  2. Happy Birthday Shelly! Loved the pictures… I remember wallpaper, murals, and all the ‘fun’ styles! Seems only yesterday 🙂 You look awesome on that boat. Beach weather is definitely you!

  3. Dear Shelly,
    Finally got my computer to work. The pictures are great, especially the little girl pictures. Brings back such neat memories. Very glad you had such a great birthday.
    We will see new pictures next year!!!!
    Love, Grandma

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