Yes, I know I am late posting these pictures. This year I didn’t have enough time to make elaborate costumes for the girls. I knew I wanted to make homemade costumes because that makes it extra special and so much fun! I decided to use clothes from Goodwill. This would mean I wouldn’t have to start from scratch. I could use hems and already sewn seams. I asked the girls what they wanted to be. Abby wanted to be Wonderwoman (or supergirl as she called her). Kaylee wanted to be a gypsy – or jingle bells as she called it. (We had looked at the costumes at Walmart and she saw a gypsy costume with all the coins hanging from the head).

Here is what we ended up with:

For Abby I found a blue shirt with stars. I cut off the collar and sleeves and put in a piece of elastic. I then found some gold material and made her arm bands, belt, and crown. I also found a clip art of the W and cut it out of the gold material. I then glued it onto a red shirt. For the boots I used red duck tape and gold duck tape around shoes covered with socks. For the cape I just found a red shiny shirt and cut off the front then sewed it onto the shirt. Very easy and not much sewing involved.

For Kaylee I found a white dress and cut it to the right length and added some elastic for the waist. I found a huge see through black shirt with shiny blue sequin flowers all over it. I cut it into a belt and head scarf for her and sewed some of those coins along one edge. For the shirt I found another shirt with multi colored sequins all over it and sewed it into a tube top and added a ribbon to tie around her neck. I also added about 50 bells to the belt so she would jingle when she walked. When she saw Abby’s boots she wanted a pair as well so I just used the gold duck tape.

Jett’s costume was a last minute find. His friend dressed up as this last year and he wanted to dress up with this. (Not sure what to call it). I looked all over for it and finally found it at Walgreens a few days before Halloween. Needless to say it was on clearance already so I only paid $3 for it. What a bargin!!!

We have the perfect neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in as it is away from the city and there are lots of families. We got so much candy that I am thinking of donating most of it to the troops. The girls got lots of complements. My favorite part was hearing Kaylee and Abby say Happy Halloween to everyone.


5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Good job on all the costumes, looks like you had nice weather also. We missed you trick and treating here but as long as the kids had a good time that is what is important and it sure looks like they enjoyed it. I hope Kaylee had a good birthday. Love to all and hope to see you soon. Aunt Donna

  2. Michelle – you are so talented 🙂 I’m glad the kids had a “Happy Halloween”. I’m sure it was a pleasure not worrying about how cold or rainy it might be on Halloween night. Breanna eas “Cleopatra” and the weather was absolutely gorgeous … in the low 70s 🙂

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