Test Results

On Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment. During my last appointment I had three blood tests done and I got the results back. The first test was to test my vitamin D levels. I actually asked about getting this test because I have heard other people getting their levels tested and found they were really low. Well this result was a mixed result. The normal range is 30-100. My score was 41. Now it appears that I fall in the normal range, however, after reading a lot about breast cancer and vitamin D, I have learned that I really want my levels to be around 80-100. I will have to up my intake of vitamin D. I also learned that to get the most out of the vitamin D I need to take it with K2.

The second test they ran was called the Circulating Tumor Cells test. As I understand this measures the amount of breast cancer tumor cells in my blood. The normal range is anything less than 5. My results were 1. Are you jumping up and down yet?

The other test ran was the CA15_3. This test is hard to explain but I will try my best. The CA15_3 is a protein that is produced by normal breast cells. In many patients with cancerous breast tumors, there is increased production of CA 15-3. The normal range for this test is 0-25. If your number is higher than it could be a sign that your cancer is active, growing, or spreading. My score was 7.7!! well in the normal range. Okay, I am sure by now you have to at least be smiling. When the doctor gave me all this news I really wanted to jump up and down, but then thought I better not scare them.

So I know everyone is wondering what does all this mean. Well the thought is because I don’t have any pain and my scores were all within the normal range my cancer is not active, growing, or spreading. These tests will also set a baseline the doctors will follow. To add to all of these tests, I will be having some sort of scan in November. This is for two reasons. The first reason is because it has been 6 months since my last scan. Dr. Y really wants to do scans at least every 6 months. The second reason is to see if the current treatment is working and it will add to the other tests to set a baseline for treatment.

In other news, we think we may have our house sold. Right now the prospective buyer is renting our house until he sells his house. When that happens he will buy our house. Isn’t God wonderful? We have tried to sell our house two other times and it wasn’t in God’s plans those two times. We have no doubt that he wants us here and he keeps providing for us.

I haven’t shared a song in a while so I thought I would leave you with one of my newest favorite songs. Is there anything God can’t do? Each time I start to worry or forget how powerful God is, I think about this song and remember everything God has done for me in the past and I know that he will continue to work.



8 thoughts on “Test Results

  1. What wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you! Thank God for his many blessings He is providing for you and your family. My prayers will be with you on your next round of tests. Praises too!! God is Great!!!!

  2. Michelle, I’m so happy to hear about all the positive news … it appears everything was meant to be. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.

  3. Made me a smiling, teary woman! God is so good!! I love hearing how He is working in your lives. Still keeping you in my prayers!

  4. So glad that medical tests are awesome!! God is truly working in your life and He is carrying out His plan for you! Keep holding His hand and see where He leads you!

  5. Michelle, I am so happy to hear the good news, I am sure you are happier than words can express. God is their for you and continues to show his strenght and love for you. I hope all goes well with the house also, that will be another stress off of both you and John. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love to all. Aunt Donna

  6. Oh thats so great! Great great news! I will forward on to the other children center staff members as they have all been talking about you and your family and missing you guys like crazy!

  7. I,ve been waiting for this note from you. I was going to call you when your Mom told me the news about you tests, but I have had a bad cold for a week and haven’t had a very good voice to talk on the phone. I was so excited when I heard the good report,I just praised the Lord (I think you could probably hear me in Savanah).
    God is so good and we just don’t praise Him enough. Remember God has a plan for you. Keep trusting!!

    Love you much. Grandma

  8. PRAISE THE LORD. I am so glad to hear your good news. I could feel the happiness and energy in your Blog. I am enjoying your song, thanks so much for sharing. We will continue to pray for you.
    If you would please pray for Ronnie and our daughter. They are in Africa on a mission trip.
    Someone in Pewee Valley is praying for you.

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