In Savannah

Well we are now in Savannah. Let me just say that moving is very hard! And I even had help. I didn’t have to do any of the packing. Gulfstream had a moving company come in and pack up the whole house and then load it onto a truck. It was then delivered to our house in Savannah and the movers unloaded the boxes and put them in the correct rooms. The only thing I had to do was to open the boxes and find a place for everything. That was time consuming. It took me almost a whole week to find a place for everything. The very hard part was that they don’t have basements so I don’t have a place to store everything that was down in the basement. We did find a house with a 4th bedroom over the garage which we are using as storage/playroom right now. I am also still working on cleaning the house. The previous renters weren’t too concerned about keeping it clean.

On Saturday I took the kids to the beach for a little R and R. The kids had a ball.

Jett is doing really well. He has made several friends in the neighborhood already. As soon as he gets off the bus he wants to go play with them. He also has made a good friend at school. He struggled a little at the new school but quickly caught up. They actually started school two weeks before Jett did in Illinois. He told me “this is serious school, mom.” The only supplies required was a binder with dividers, paper and pencils. I have to say the homework and study guides he brings home is much more than what he was doing at his old school. There are only 19 kids in his class as well which is much less than in Illinois (25).  I think he will do well, it just is an adjustment.

I have started to do preschool with the girls. Abby was going to go to preschool at our church but when we moved that all changed. Their preschool program at the public school is a lottery system. Because we moved after school started we were to late to “put our name in the hat.” We were told we would be on a waiting list at number 54. I decided to do a little program at home. We do a circle time with a letter of the week and a number of the week. We talk about the weather, calendar, days of the week, sight words, and a bible verse. Then I have them read a little book with a repeating verse (we will read, we will color…). The girls love it.

I have met several of the neighborhood ladies. Each morning I walk Jett to the bus stop and talk to the mothers there. I have learned that many of the families are military families as there is two bases nearby. Our next door neighbors just moved here in July and the lady across the street has only been here a year. Her husband is deployed in Iraq right now. I am a shy person and so I was worried about trying to break into a neighborhood clique that have been friends for years. That isn’t the case in this neighborhood.

I am still trying to eat healthy. I have several new things I am doing that I plan on sharing soon. I know everyone is probably wondering how we are doing so I just wanted to do a quick post. I also will post pictures as soon as I find the cord that connects my camera to my computer. I know it is somewhere just not sure where.


5 thoughts on “In Savannah

  1. Congratulations on the move, sounds like you are all getting settled in! Moving is a huge task and I can’t imagine going through it with three young ones. I’m impressed as to how quickly you unpacked, it took me two weeks and it is only the two of us. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the family as well as your new home! God bless!

  2. Glad you are moved in and have good neighbors, thank God. Moving is very stressful but it sounds like you have handled it well. Hope you don’t overdo it with all the cleaning, etc. Stay well and happy!!! Send pictures soon.

  3. I’m glad you all made the move safely and everyone is starting to adjust. Moving is not easy, especially with children (been there, done that). Even with living miles away, with technology we can stay connected.
    Take care and keep in touch.

  4. Michelle, Wow! A lot has happened since we saw you in July! I’m glad you are settled and Jett is doing well at his new school. We will miss seeing you in St. Louis, but we wish you the best. I’m glad you are still posting so we can keep up on your lives in Savannah.

  5. Michelle, You are so blessed. God gave you the energy and strength you needed, not only to be a Mom of three but to move also. We hope you enjoy your new town. To be near the beach is a plus. We are continuing to pray for you each day. Thank you for the update on you and the children. Pre school sounds like fun one on one time also and go Jett making friends so quickly. Hope you opst again soon. Praying for you in Pewee Valley, Ronnie & Debbie

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