I have written this post in my head for the last two weeks. For those of you who don’t already know, we are moving. After much prayer John has decided to take a new job that would move us to Savannah, GA. I know everyone wants to know why and how this came about. John and I have always talked about moving to a warmer climate, close to the beach. On a whim John put his application in with Gulfstream, thinking it was a long shot. We had told ourselves that if we were going to move it would be while the kids were still little, or when they had gone to college. Then in April, John got a call from a hiring manager who wanted to do a phone interview.We started praying that if this was where God wanted us then he would have to work things out. After that interview they called him back to do a face to face interview. At the time I was in treatment and John got worried about my health. John called on the day he was to fly out and told them that right now just wasn’t a good time for his family. He then told them about my health and the issues we were dealing with. They told him they were still interested and to talk to another Gulfstream pilot whose wife also has cancer. They also told John that they were going to hire several people over the next couple of months so that would allow me to get healthy. The hiring manager was really impressed with John and wanted an opportunity to interview him. In June he called John and asked if he wanted to interview (They had hired some other people and there was one position left). So while we were on vacation at Disney World, John flew up to Savannah to interview for the position. We started praying that if this was the place God wanted us that they would still be interested in John even though he has a stage 4 wife. I also started asking God to put me in the location that would keep healthy and allow me to raise my kids. We also learned more about the job which would allow John to be home more often. The department he would work in doesn’t do many overnight trips. When looking at the big picture, if something were to happen to me, our children need their father with them every night. If I get sick again, I need my husband to be there to take care of me and the kids. John’s current job doesn’t allow that on a long term basis.

When John got the call for the job offer, he accepted. We were sure God was working a miracle because what company would hire an employee who turned down an interview due to a sick wife? Well there were more miracles to come. John and I went down to Savannah for a house finding trip. We decided to rent until we sell our house. We found 3 houses we loved but after talking to another pilot who works at Gulfstream, decided to drive around another area. We left Savannah without filling out any house applications, thinking we would do it when we got home. WRONG. We left on a Friday, and by Monday morning all three houses had applications on them. I decided that I would put in a back-up application to our favorite house praying that we would be able to get it. We also decided if we didn’t get the house I would remain in St. Louis until we could find a house. We started wondering if this was our answer. Did God really want us not to move? We started praying that if God really wanted us to move He would work out the housing situation. The next day I got a call from the real estate agent saying the landlord wanted to go with our application. I was floored!!! Apparently the owner didn’t want pets, which the other people had and we didn’t. Isn’t God amazing? We were pretty sure God had shown us that Savannah is where he wants us.

John was still struggling with having faith. He has a great job, and works with great people. He considers many of his co-workers some of his closest friends. He decided to call my breast surgeon, who has always been up front with my treatment and options. He really values her opinion. He wanted to get her take on taking a “sick” wife away from her doctors. She told him to trust God and that Savannah has a great hospital system. John kept hearing “trust in God” and “have faith.” With everything that God had done to show us that he wants us to go, how could we not go? Would we end up “in the belly of the whale” if we ignored his plans? I have to say as soon as John got the job I felt at peace. I can’t describe the feeling, but it was as if God gave me peace both with the move and my disease.

There were so many other little things that all pointed to Savannah. When I went to get scans done, John had just set up his interview at the end of June. I wanted to look at some magazines in the waiting room so I grabbed the magazine on top and it was “Coastal Living.” After looking through it I went to grab a second magazine and it too was “Coastal Living.” Now why would a CT scan waiting room in the middle of Missouri have this magazine? I wondered if maybe it was one of the doctor’s magazines but there was no address sticker on the magazine.

We had dinner with the Gulfstream pilot and his wife (the one with cancer). She too does a lot of supplements and healthy foods. John had been sharing his concerns with the pilot and they emailed several times before we went down there. I have to say they are strong Christians and believe in the power of prayer. We felt right at home with them and really enjoyed the dinner. As we were leaving John commented on how sad it will be to leave his family and friends. That night the pilot’s wife emailed John and commented on how she was glad that we were now part of Gulfstream’s family and that she felt like we were family too. Once again God was working to calm John’s fears.

Now for the hard part of this post. When we look at statistics (which I hate doing!)  The average stage 4 breast cancer patient only lives 7 years. Since I have dealt with this for two years, I might only have 5 years left. When we were given this news it made it clear that we needed to do the things we had planned and not wait. I may not have retirement to enjoy the beach (and then again I might still be going strong). I have moved twice for John to pursue his career so he felt it was only fair to move for me to live out my dream. We also felt we had to put our family first, by allowing John to be home more.

I wanted to post a song that I have heard over the last few weeks. We feel like God is leading us to Savannah and we have chosen to follow God’s plan for us.


9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. That is wondeful how God is leading your family to better things. I am so happy for you all. Life would be so much better for all of us, if we would just let him lead us all. Take care and thanks for sharing. God is Great!!!

  2. I am so happy for your family Michelle! God is Good! He will see your family through this transition. Praying all the details of selling your home and the move fall right into place.
    I have been thinking of you a lot lately. We just learned of a woman we know that was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She is our age and also has 3 young children. I wish I were closer to help you and your family, but that is not the case. Please know you and your family are always in thought and prayer.
    We vacationed in Hilton Head over the summer and can’t wait to get back. We loved it there! We want to make it a regular vacation area. So hopefully our families will be able to meet up in the future.
    God Bless,

  3. So glad that you are happy about the move and the whole family is excited! It is wonderful that you feel at peace and you are letting God lead! When you get to that place, you can always know that God has your best in mind. Enjoy the beach and send some cool shells up our way for those of us who will be eternally landlocked!

  4. Michelle,
    I am sitting here in tears as I read your post. Most especially because, although we are not geographically close, you are so close in my heart. I love you. My heart is so full of emotion as I sit here and think about your journey. Your faith is huge! I love to see the way God is working to build John’s faith as well. Uncle Dave and I just moved across the street from the beach. I wake up every morning to the waves and the sea. It is healing. I pray that God will heal you completely. And I pray that your dream of Coastal Living!! fills you with joy.

  5. Wow! I read your post to Chuck and we are so excited for you as you begin this new adventure in life. When Chuck was transferred two years ago it was sad leaving family and friends but there will always be new friends to meet, and we will never lose touch with family! Believe in God and trust In His way. We are looking forward to hearing about your journey!

    Vickie & Chuck

  6. wow, what an amazing development! I so admire your faith in prayer. You remind me of a saying I read: “don’t tell God you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big God”
    I’ll be praying for a smooth transition to Georgia!

  7. We wish you and your family the best on this journey. We’ll stay in touch via your blogs and perhaps you can meet us when we visit our condo in PCB, FL 🙂

  8. I am so happy for your family. My cousin lives in Atlanta and goes to Savannah frequently! She said that people there are wonderful. I am sure that you will love it there! I hope that your move is easy and the kids enjoy their new roots in the south!

  9. Thanks so much, Michelle, for the recent posting.

    Now that is exciting . . . a move to a new place and a new job and new friends and all that is involved.

    I can tell you concerning our move to Hawaii that is an experience, but give it time and you will feel like ‘you are home.’

    As far as your medical situation……the only thing to do is Trust Lovely Lord Jesus. He will do the best for you!

    Oopps! One other thing also. Get the best medical help available. King Jesus is the Great Healer, but uses the medical profession to help in these last days

    Attached is a little piece that I assembled to read often when life gets ‘bumpy.’ You will gather strength from His Written Word.

    We are praying for you.

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