Disney Day 3

***We interrupt your regular Disney programing to bring you breaking news***
That’s right you heard it here first- the kids got haircuts.
First up we have Jett. I promised him that this summer he could have a mohawk. Here is what he ended up with.

He is one happy camper. His father on the other hand wasn’t thrilled with the new haircut. The funny thing is that when people see Jett they automatically assume John was the one who took him to get his hair cut. When they find out it was indeed me and that John doesn’t like it they seem surprised.

Abby also got a haircut. John wasn’t too happy that I was going to cut her long hair pretty short. (he isn’t the one who has to brush out all the knots) Well that was until Abby told him she wanted to be a pretty as mommy with short hair. How can he say no now??

And Kaylee got her hair trimmed too. This picture however is not of her haircut. This picture is what happens when a little girl gets into a whole tub of Vaseline. Not only did she smear it all in her hair, but on all the furniture in her bedroom. This picture was taken after I had washed her hair several times. Apparently Vaseline is hard to get out of hair. UGGGHHH.

Now back to regular Disney programing.

On day three we went to Disney Studios. If we had to do it again I would opt out of going to this park.

As you can tell it was no longer raining. The funny thing was that with the sun came the crowds, and with the crowds came longer lines. I almost wish it was raining still.

This was a picture from the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” playground. This park didn’t have many rides. Instead it had lots of shows. Kaylee didn’t like the shows because the it would get dark and then it was really loud. We didn’t stay very late at this park because we did everything we wanted to and the kids were hot and tired.


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