Disney Day 1- Debby Downer

The first day of Disney was wet, wet, and even wetter! For those not following the weather, tropical storm Debby was making landfall on our first day at Disney. At first I was upset that tropical storm Debby was ruining our vacation, but once we got to Disney that all changed (well somewhat). While John and I were wet and uncomfortable, the kids didn’t seem to notice. Also the crowds were much smaller than if there hadn’t been any rain. I overheard one of the workers say that the rain keeps away all the locals.

Here is a picture of us in front of the castle. You can tell by the pictures that it was raining pretty hard. The funny thing is that we ended up matching in our ponchos. Those ponchos worked pretty good in keeping your clothes dry. Your hair was a different story! Not only was it raining, it was also very windy which didn’t help to keep your hood on.


Because everyone stayed away, we were able to take some pictures with the characters. Usually you would have to wait in long lines to do this. We also rode 14 rides. John and Jett rode Space Mountain and only waited about 30 minutes. Unheard of in June!

Here is us at the end of the day. We were soaked to the bone and the girls were shivering. However you can see by their smiles they were having fun!

And here is what we think of Tropical Storm Debby!


2 thoughts on “Disney Day 1- Debby Downer

  1. Well, it looked like you didn’t let Tropical Debby ruin your vacation and were able to do more in Day 1 … can’t wait to see more!!!

  2. Oh let it pour. The important thing is you were there with your family and made fun memories. Share some pictures of the children on rides if you have any. Our favorite 24 years ago was the tea cup ride. Hope you are doing well and we are continuing to pray for you in
    Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

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