Results and Confusion

On Tuesday I had my appointment with my oncologist. This appointment was to go over the results of the bone scan and to set up a plan to follow for the future.
To say that I am even more confused by the scan results would be an understatement! As I already knew, the CT scan showed no cancer in my organs. My doctor said that is good news. The bone scan on the other hand was neither good news or bad news. It said I have two spots on my back (T8 and T9) that showed an increase of activity. The one flaw in this report is that the report is comparing this scan to the last time I had a Bone scan which was in October. The scan in October showed no new activity. For those who are already lost (I felt that way at the appointment!) I had a bone scan done in October because I had a very tender right rib. That turned out not to be cancer and instead just a side effect of having a mastectomy. So at that time I had a completely clean bone scan.
So now I can hear everyone asking that great question. Why did you have a bone scan? Well mostly because the insurance company won’t pay for another PET scan (I had one done 3 months ago so I guess I reached my limit). Yes I know, don’t even get me started on that! My doctor even stated at the appointment that he doesn’t trust or put a lot of stock in the results of the bone scan. So why didn’t I have a CT scan of my spine? I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that from now on when he recommends a bone scan I am going to ask for a CT or MRI instead.
So I asked my doctor point blank, “Did the chemo (Gemzar) work?’ and he said he thinks so. Because I don’t have any pain in my back the thought is that it did work. On a positive note, Only two places showed up on the bone scan when, on the MRI, my whole spine lit up. That is a good thing! Also the bone scan didn’t find anything in my hip or shoulder where the MRI did. So overall, I think the Gemzar is a success.

Now on to lighter topics. I wanted to post a few photos on this post as well. I have been sewing a lot lately! I have a lot of unfinished projects that I want to wrap up and post. I am also working on Disney World outfits. Here is a jumper I made for Kaylee. You can see more pictures HERE.

I also wanted to talk about a craft that we did recently. We painted “prayer pots.” A couple of weeks ago our pastor talked about how prayer is sometimes just a little ditty that you say that actually has no meaning because you don’t put any thought into it. After listening to my kids pray I found this to be true. I really wanted them to think about what they are praying for so I decided to make these prayer pots. The idea is to put prayer requests in them and each day draw a new one out and pray for that person all day. I thought I would open this blog up to prayer requests. If you have someone or something you need prayer for please post it in the comment section and we will add it to the jar. I might even start a “Prayer Request Wednesday” (if I can remember to post on Wednesday).


One thought on “Results and Confusion

  1. You are a truly amazing woman, Michelle! Your children are very blessed to have you for their mother!!!

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