Today was the big day for my scans. I was scheduled to get a bone scan and a CT scan. The bone scan was to see what the chemo had done to the cancer in my bones. The CT scan was done of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. This scan was to make sure the cancer wasn’t in any of my other organs.
I thought I would share the experience of both scans. I started off the day at 9:30 in admitting. I then was directed upstairs to the bone scan room. Now, I have had two other bone scans so I knew what to expect (or so I thought). Usually they just inject me with some radioactive solution and send me on my way for 3 hours. This time however they inserted something similar to a picc line. Since there is no way to explain this I thought would take a picture. Yes that is a tube that they stuck into my arm attached to a needle which is in the vein.

The reason they did this was because I would need it for the CT scan. I had a student nurse stick me and she had a hard time finding a vein. A bad day to be a needle diva! After hunting for a few minutes she went and found another nurse who got the needle and tube inserted and my radioactive liquid put in. I was so nauseous I didn’t think I would make it to the CT scan. (downstairs and down several hallways) They gave me directions but because I was so sick to my stomach, I couldn’t pay attention. They also left the needle and tube in my arm so each time I moved it would hurt. I went downstairs and wondered around until I found a nurse’s station and asked for directions again. When I finally found the waiting room I was given a large cup full of more radioactive liquid. I was given 30 minutes to drink it all. I thought I would show you just how large the cup was. It tasted horrible!!! When I was finished I had to wait 30 minutes and then was given another cup to drink.

Then I went to get the CT scan, they pump more radioactive liquid into my arm (which is why I had to have the needle and tube still in my arm). The technician warned me about what would happen but I still was not prepared! When the liquid started to run through my veins it felt like a fireball racing through my body. I then felt as if my whole body was on fire. I told the technician afterward that it was worse than a hot flash! Then my mouth was filled with the worst metal taste ever and lastly it felt like I was peeing in my pants. I tried to take some deep breaths but then the machine told me to take a breath and and hold it. I had to do this several times while the machine moved me through a tube. I am glad it only took about 15 minutes because it was not fun.

After that I went back upstairs for the bone scan. This was really easy compared to what I had gone through earlier. I just had to lay still while a machine moved around me. I like the bone scan because they have a screen up that shows how long you have left and what they are scanning. They also strap your arms down so you don’t have to put them above your head (always causes my arms to go to sleep and is painful on my mastectomy side).

I thought I would have to wait until Tuesday to find out the results. I have a doctor’s appointment with my oncologist to talk about the results and figure out the plan going forward. I will also have to have a Xgeva shot (to strengthen my bones). Instead, I got a phone call from the head nurse at the oncologist’s office saying that the CT scan came back clean. No metastatic disease found in my organs!!! I wasn’t expecting to find any but it is great to get good news like that. Praying that the bone scan will be just a good. I will keep everyone updated on what those results are. I have to say, tonight I am going to sleep a little better (as long as I don’t glow in the dark- with all the radioactive liquid they put in me!)

I want to say a special thank-you for everyone who prayed for me and for my scans.

Lastly I wanted to have a little quiz. While in the waiting room I found a picture of one of the girls on my phone. I want to see if you can guess which one it is.


8 thoughts on “Scans

  1. Oh Michelle! That is such wonderful news that your CT was clean. I’m so happy to for you. I will continue to keep you in prayer for the results of your bone scan.

    God Bless,

  2. Michelle,
    That is great news, thank you for sharing! I will continue to keep you in my prayers!! I don’t have a clue as to which of your two little cuties is posted in this picture. They look so much alike! May God bless you.

    Vickie Cobillas

  3. Thank God!!!! I am so happy for you all. And you and your family will remain in my prayers. I bet that little cutie is your oldest girl. But I could be wrong, they do look alot alike. Your children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the great news with us. And all those pictures of your precious children. Praying for more good news. And a big Thanks to God for answered prayers. Take care!

  4. Michelle – I’m sorry you had such a hard day,but we’re blessed the results were positive. You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    The Biggs Family

  5. Michelle- Wow, you’re taken it like a trooper, pictures and all. I’m sure Abby’s picture keeps it all in perspective. Best to you.

  6. Michelle – glad to hear the test came back clean (I’m sure that made it worthwhile) and will continue to pray that you receive the same results on the scan. I believe it is Abby at Ella’s birthday party at Chuckie Cheese maybe at age 2. You remain in my thoughts and prayers, stay strong. Love, Donna

  7. Hello Shelly, It was such a Praise the Lord moment when I read your note.
    the Lord is so good to give you the strength and stamina to go through these tests.It would be much harder is you didn,t have the Lord holding you in in His hands. I was waiting to hear from you. Thank you for sharing the news with us.
    Love you and will continue the payers going!!!!!

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