Round 6, Cycle 2

So today is my second treatment this month. We didn’t get a good start though! My body decided it really didn’t want chemo today. It was stingy when it came time to give blood. I usually have to give several tubes of blood so they can test my white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets to see if what kind of dose I can get. The chemo I am on really attacks these and my dose is based on what these numbers are. In fact they can’t even start my chemo until they run these numbers. So once again I had to take several deep breaths, put my arm above my head, stand up, have a heat pack put on my port, and finally they gave my “liquid plumber.” When I finally gave enough blood to get it tested, I almost wish I hadn’t. My numbers were horrible! My dose this week is only 400, but I am glad just to get any chemo!

This last week was really hard on me. I was really tired all week long (which is a side effect of my low numbers). I still managed to do a few things with the kids.

Abby’s library school also had a tea party for the parents. It was lots of fun! I had the girls dress up in their Easter dresses and since I never posted them on my sewing blog I took some pictures and you can see those HERE.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! I love being able to be outside with the kids. I can’t wait for summer this year. We decided this year to get a pool pass to the pool in Columbia so that is where you will find us on any sunny day. Jett is excited because he won’t have to be bored and will get to play with his friends.


One thought on “Round 6, Cycle 2

  1. Your children always seem to be having lots of fun. They are lucky to have a mommy like you.The picture of you and the girls, you look great! And they are adorable as always. Take care and I hope you get your energy levels back and will be praying your numbers go to what they need to be. And thanks for sharing with all of us. I really enjoy the pictures you post.

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