Round 6, Cycle 1

Today was the first week of my last round of chemo. I have been on Gemzar for almost 6 months now. It has seemed like much longer. This week my numbers were all in the normal range which is really good. My dose this week is 600. I think the thought is that my body is worn out and if I get a bigger dose I would probably not be able to get a dose next week. It would cause my numbers to be very low. I also had an appointment with the doctor. The plan is to go on hormone treatment the day after my last dose of chemo. I will also be having a bone scan and a CT scan to see what is going on in my bones. And I will still have a monthly Xgeva shot to help my bones grow. We had some drama today at chemo. A man stopped breathing. Never a dull moment!
Everyone always wants to know how I am feeling. I am doing really good. I had a week off chemo (chemocation as I call it) so I was able to enjoy the kids. We did a lot of crafts and played outside.

This weekend was also the “Big Party” for the kids birthday. We usually throw one big party for all three kid’s birthday (yes even Kaylee- her birthday is in November). For this birthday party I made the girls matching skirts. To see more pictures you can go HERE.

Here are some pictures of the birthday party.

4 thoughts on “Round 6, Cycle 1

  1. Thank God everything is going well. I will bepraying that all your tests come back with all good news.I always love looking at your pictures, your children are beautiful! They looked like they had a wonderful time.Take care and God bless.

  2. Michelle,
    How you manage to do so much amazes me! You plan parties, sew and take care of your family too, you really are an inspiration. I’ll be praying for good scan results, have a wonderful week.

  3. I just LOVE all of your pictures! You are beyond amazing! Thanks for sharing! Prayers for you, always!

  4. Michelle, What a fun color filled party. Hope all continues to be going well.
    We are praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

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