Happy Birthday to my Son

Today is Jett’s 8th birthday. I thought I would share some pictures with you over the last 8 years. (Yes that was a lot of pictures to pick through!) For some reason I don’t have Jett as a newborn or as a one year old in my zip drive. I am sure there are pictures somewhere I just don’t know where right now. I think at the time I put all my digital pictures on CDs and those are in totes in the basement.

So this first picture is Jett at a couple of months old.

These are Jett at two years old. He dumped over a whole box of Cherrios and was very upset!

This is one of my favorites suits that Jett wore at Easter. No way he would be caught in a suit like this now!


I included this picture because my hair is so long! Someday I hope to have it that long again.

These pictures are Jett at 3. This is his third birthday party. I was full of energy that year and decorated the cake myself.


This is Jett at 4 years old. That year he got a new sister for his birthday. He loved holding her!

Here is Jett at 5 years old. This is a shirt I made for his birthday party. (now you see why I don’t sew for him!)

Here is Jett at 6 years old.  That year he got a skateboard for his birthday

Here is Jett at 7 years old.

Hope you enjoyed this little picture filled post. Happy birthday to my sweet little boy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Son

  1. Happy Birthday to Jett, I hope he enjoys the day. The pictures are cute, it is neat to see how fast they grow up and how much they change from year to year. He is a good looking young man. Love to all of you,Donna.

  2. What an adorable boy, and a great series of pics. Love the Thomas cake, wow, you did a fabulous job. Happy birthday Jett!

  3. Happy Birthday Jett, We sure liked the pictures of you that your Mom posted. You sure look “COOL” with that skateboard. Have a fun year being 8.
    Ronnie & Debbie

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