Round 5, Cycle 3

This is the third week in my cycle. Last week I didn’t get chemo because my white blood cells were too low. I was taking it really easy this last week in hopes that my counts would be better. It must have worked because my numbers are all in the normal range this week. My dose this week will be 600. I was promised that after my week off (next week is my chemocation) I will get slammed with a larger dose. Can’t wait!! This week I also don’t need any shots so it is a good day for a needle diva!!
This week I thought I would share some pictures we took from Easter. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I got to also spend some time with my aunt and uncle from California. They were visiting because my cousin just had a baby. It was good to see them again. Here are some pictures. (and of course I made their Easter dresses)

I have been doing lots of sewing this week as well. Here is a dress I made for Abby. If you want to see more pictures you can go HERE.

We also have been doing some spring crafts. We have been doing lots of painting!


I don’t know if you can see what the girls are holding but they are upside down umbrellas that the girls have decorated. I also don’t know why Kaylee always sticks up her chin whenever I have a camera. I tell her to look down because nobody wants to see up her nose and then she looks at her feet. This was the best picture and I took quite a few! The other funny thing is that this wall has been named “The Picture Wall.” Whenever I say “Let’s take a picture of our craft” the girls run to this wall.

This week I hope I have enough energy to get outside with the girls. It is going to be beautiful! Yesterday I went outside and played catch with Jett when he got home from school. My arm is really sore today. I always forget to take it easy with my right arm. That is my mastectomy side and I don’t have as much muscle on that side.

Next week is my chemocation so I am not sure if I will have time to post. Hope everyone is out enjoying the spring time weather!


3 thoughts on “Round 5, Cycle 3

  1. Shelly, so glad to hear about your numbers! I wondered if since you missed chemo last week if that would count as your chemocation but I’m glad you have that week off to look forward to. We keep praying and also enjoying all that you share about your sweet little family.

    I heard about a craft you and the kidlets might want to try. Take a coffee filter and smooth it out. Color on it with water-based markers. Let it dry for a few minutes and then squeeze it together in the middle and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle. Pull the ends of the pipe cleaner up and bend them just a little to resemble butterfly antennae. This makes a butterfly and if you do several each and you could hang them from a light fixture and then watch them fly as breezes blow through.

  2. Glad your numbers are better, and it seems everything is better when you get to go outside and enjoy the sun. Wishing you a great week off and beautiful weather too.

  3. It is so wonderful to hear that your numbers were up. Praise The Lord. Just what we prayed for. I so enjoy viewing the dresses you make and of course all the while wishing I could sew. Things are very busy for us in Pewee Valley. We have the Messiah’s mansion here for 2&1/2 weeks. A very busy time for us. Be sure to ask your folks about it. We have been enjoying the wheat bread your Mom and Jackie have been making.YUM! Keep the pictures coming. It is so uplifting to me to see great parents in action and see children being raised in loving homes. We will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley
    Ronnie & Debbie

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