Round 5, Cycle 2- No Go

Today was the second week in my chemo cycle. Well I didn’t actually get chemo today. My white blood cell count was lower than 1 so I wasn’t allowed to get chemo. Apparently it is a rule that your white blood cells have to be above 1 and mine were .6- too low. UGH!! I did however get two shots today. Yea me! I got my Xgeva shot which helps me rebuild bone and I go my Arenesp shot which helps make more red blood cells. As for increasing the white blood cells well that just takes time and rest.

To say I am concerned would be an understatement. My doctor didn’t seem fazed by this, but isn’t it the doctor’s job to be upbeat? I know in the big scheme of things this isn’t going to make or break me, but I can’t help but worry. My hope is that this week I can get some rest so that my numbers will be really good next week. If this happens I might be able to get a larger dose to make up for this skipped week. I feel like I did when I finished chemo the first time around. What is going to kill the cancer? Will it start to grow? Hopefully I will feel better about this by next week. I am very grateful for my kids because they always take my mind off of what I am going through!

Anyway I thought I would share some pictures with you.

The first is of the outfits I made for the girls. What sewing mama would let their girls go to the circus in just any outfit? Not this one! If you want to see more pictures you can go HERE

We also did some crafts this week. Being a teacher that no longer has to do lesson plans, I guess I must miss it! (Is that really possible??)  I decided to incorporate stories with our crafts. Before we do the craft we sit down and read a story the goes along with the craft. The girls love it! They constantly ask “Is it craft time yet?” or “What story are we reading today?” I say our house is starting to look like a little preschool.

We also decorated Easter eggs. Kaylee still doesn’t get the concept of letting her eggs soak. As soon as she would put them in she would say “All done.” Needless to say we have a lot of barely colored eggs.

I also had to share this picture. When we went to Disney on Ice, the girls wanted to buy some long hair. I wasn’t about to pay that much for some long hair. Then when I went to Dollar Tree I found almost the exact same thing for $1!! The girls were so excited about their princess hair! They wore the hair all day and it really made me laugh!

I have lots more pictures to show. I hope everyone had a great Easter. We had a great time! (More to come the next time I post.) I guess I am off to get some rest (if that is possible for me). I tend to just carry on even when I don’t feel well and I seldom complain. Please pray that my numbers will be really good next week.



7 thoughts on “Round 5, Cycle 2- No Go

  1. Michelle, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and extra prays that your count is up and you are able to receive your treatment. The kids are all so cute and I am sure they keep you busy. I love looking at the pictures. Love, Aunt Donna

  2. Hi Michelle- I’ll be praying for an influx of white cells! Oh my gosh, for $2 the picture with the long hair is priceless 🙂 Have a restful week.

  3. Good morning Michelle – Got a kick out of your lesson plan comments! Oh what teachers go through! So glad you get to have such fun with your girls and the craft/story time. I also remember when my mom would make us special outfits for occasions…. Good memories! My class and I will continue to pray for more white blood cells for next week! Your mom was in my classroom yesterday and took the kids selling books. They have a real connection with her and pray for you as Mrs. Rau’s girl! Get some rest!

  4. Dear Shelly.
    The pictures were so adorable. You are so blessed to have the skills to teach them
    how to keep busy and learn things and also teach them to learn about Jesus and His
    I hope you are able to get the rest that you need to get you blood built up to be strong for your next treatment. You are in my thoughts and prayers at all times.

    Love you, Grandma

    P>S> See you in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!

  5. hang in there. God will take of things. And you look great! You all always look like you are having a good time. Youe children sure are growing fast. Loved the circus outfits and that princess hair. Prayers are with you as always.

  6. Michelle. We will pray for your blood cells to get busy and do their job. Now on a serious note. We will pray that you will find the peace and comfort you need to get through this. I am sure you are concerned about skipping a Treatment but praise the Lord you can find joy with your children. Thank you for sharing more pictures of the kids. We also had a great Easter with family and the Grand children. Ronnie turned 60 and we had a University of Kentucky themed party for him so it was a busy weekend.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

  7. Michelle, I am praying for you everyday. I keep up on your updates and I am always thinking of you and amazed at your strength.

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