Round 4, Cycle 3

This week is my third or last week for chemo this month! My numbers were not very good (even though I feel really good!) so my dose was only 400. I am very glad that next week will be my chemocation! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can take the kids to the park and do other fun things with them.
This week I have lots of pictures to share so I want to warn everyone that this is a image full post. I am finding that I only seem to post when I am stuck at chemo. I haven’t posted a song in a while so I thought I would do that today (even though it isn’t Monday). I love this song because it reminds me that even when I think that God has abandoned me, he is right beside me and I know I couldn’t go through this without him.

The first thing I wanted to share was of course a new dress for Abby. This time I only made one dress because I didn’t have enough fabric to make two. You can see more pictures HERE.

I really want my kids to be crafty and I want my girls to learn to sew. So I have decided that I need to start being crafty with them at home. Who better than their mom to start to teach them the love for everything crafty? So this week we did two really fun St. Patrick’s day crafts. Jett even got in on all the fun.

This week Jett got to take home the class “pet” (really just a stuffed lion named Roary). He had to take pictures with the lion and then write in a journal everything he did with it. We had fun putting together a great journal entry. Jett wanted to do something different than the other students. (watching TV and playing Wii seemed to be the popular thing to do) So here is what Jett did with Roary:

And finally I wanted to post a picture of what the girls wore for St. Patrick’s day. These were the dresses they wore last year but this year the dresses actually fit! I love when the dresses I make actually see two years of wear. It makes it seem worth all the effort!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather! I know the kids are loving spending as much time as they can outside.


2 thoughts on “Round 4, Cycle 3

  1. Adorable picture, just adorable. You and John must be very proud. I hope our weather continues and you can have fun playing with the kids at the park, zoo or just in your back yard 🙂

  2. You are such a good mom. I sure enjoy all your posts of the kids. I hardly ever see anyone from flight ops so your posts help me feel a little bit in touch.


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