Round 4, Cycle 2

I thought I would first update you on my week. Last week I got my large dose of chemo (1,000) and I did really good. I didn’t feel fatigued at all! This week all my numbers were really good so I got 600. I am hopping I will feel just as good. Hopefully the warm weather and the exposure to sunlight will help!
On Thursday I got a haircut. My hair is now all one length- short! This is a big milestone because the top part of my hair has always been shorter than the bottom. I don’t have a picture but will post one soon. Abby also got her hair cut and told everyone that her and mommy were special because we both got a short haircut.
I feel very relieved that my scan came back with good results. I felt as if I was putting my life on hold until I got those results. If my scan came back with bad results the plan was either to add another chemo or go on a different chemo. This would have meant a whole new list of side effects, one being hair loss. I have been very blessed that the chemo I am on now doesn’t cause hair loss. I told John that my hair appointment could have gone a different way if I knew I was going to lose my hair. I was thinking bright pink mohawk!
I wanted to share with you the latest sewing project. This time I decided to make a top. The girl’s closets are full to the brim with mommy made dresses so I thought I would try a top. You can see more pictures HERE


2 thoughts on “Round 4, Cycle 2

  1. Thak God for those results! That is wonderful news. I will continue to send my prayers! And your girls are so adorable, sweet little faces!! Enjoy the weather and take care!

  2. We saw a very beautiful special Woman today(your Mom). Glad to hear things went so well for the last treatment and we will continue to pray this week for no pain or weakness. Pink Mohawk……..Whatever it takes. LOL
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

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