Round 3, Cycle 3

Last week went really good! I didn’t feel quite as bad and I had lots of energy. On Thursday, usually my bad day, I didn’t even take a nap. Hopefully this week will be more of the same. My numbers were pretty good. All my numbers were higher than last week except my platelets dropped a little. This week my dose is 600.
I thought I would share the new dresses I made the girls. If you want to see more pictures you can go HERE.

I also wanted to tell a  funny story. Every night we have family worship. The girls get a story read from a book that is geared to their age group. Jett also gets a story read from a book geared to his age. Now if you have never heard of this book I would suggest looking into it. The books are a set of 10 and go through the whole Bible telling all the stories. I grew up reading these books and I knew when we had children I wanted them to grow up knowing all the stories in the Bible. Jett loves them and looks forward to reading them each night. Anyway back to the story….. A few nights ago we couldn’t find the book. I knew earlier that day I had cleaned up the books and specifically had put this book on the couch so we would have it for worship. We turned the living room upside looking for this book. We looked under the couch, under the cushions, and everywhere we could think. The whole time we are doing this Kaylee was sitting on the couch saying “backpack” over and over. John and I kept saying “It’s time for worship, not time to play with your backpack.” Kaylee has this backpack that she loves playing with and she had been rolling it all over earlier that day. Finally it dawns on John that she might have put the book in her backpack. Sure enough, as we were running all over the house searching for this book, Kaylee has sat there telling us right were it was. I can just imagine what her little brain was thinking, “I am telling them right where it is and here they are ignoring me!”


6 thoughts on “Round 3, Cycle 3

  1. What a good picture of you and the girls. That is also really cute of Kaylee with her packback. I am glad that you had a good week and hopefully all future treatment weeks will be just as good. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You and John have a beautiful family.

  2. That picture is hysterical. I can just imagine how you felt when you looked into the backpack and found the book! Too funny:)
    Just had a my quiet time with the Lord and prayed for you:)
    Love you,
    Aunt Kim

  3. I love your pictures and stories. And you look good too. So thankful you are doing great! Praise God! I remeber those books. My grandma bought me and my oldest cousin a set when we were little. He was the oldest boy and I was the only girl. I loved them.Kids are so smart these days. My prayers will continue for you and your family and so will my praises. Keep it up!!!!!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and was so enthralled I had to read the whole thing. I love how authentic you are about your life, you keep it real; the good, the bad and the ugly. I too, am a self-taught seamstress and love all the pics you include. I will be praying for you.
    Susan LaGassa
    Los Gatos, CA

  5. Loved the story of Kaylee’s backpack. I am working on the Perman Cousin Reunion next mailer. I continue to pray that the choice to attend or not will be your choice and not the chemo or the doctors. Your hair is marvelous – would share mine, but they are all blonde or gray…just doesn’t work so well….and not nearly as cute.
    Our group prayed for Janice and the angel she was and is to you. Her nuggets of strength will be with you always, oh the blessings of the Holy Spirit continues to surround us. Denver keeps holding you up in prayer….Cousin Dee

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