Round 3, Cycle 2- Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes, today I had to have chemo even though it was Valentine’s Day. My numbers were pretty good! My white blood cells were 2.6 (normal would be 4.6) so they fell a little from last week but nothing to be concerned about. My red blood cells were 8.8 which are up from last week (8.4 was last week and 12.2 is normal). I guess my Aranesp worked this week. And lastly my platelets are 245 (last week they were 239 and normal would be 142) Very happy with these numbers. So this week I am going to get 600 which will be the highest dose I have gotten in the second cycle. My numbers are usually so low that I only get 400. I am hoping this won’t knock my numbers down too low for next week.
I thought I would also post a picture of what the girls wore today. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and what better gift than two cute girls!

These are the outfits I made for them. If you want to see more pictures you can go HERE.


5 thoughts on “Round 3, Cycle 2- Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentines day to you all too! That is good news. God is great!!! Your children are so adorable. I love their outfits. My prayers are with you all as always. And take care.

  2. Happy Valentines to you too!! I love those two sweet valentines!!
    I,m thankful to God for your better number,s. Keep working at it and hold on to Jesus’ healing hand.

    Love you

  3. Michelle, Now that is a picture to be treasured. Thanks for sharing. Praise Praise for the numbers. We will pray this week for your numbers to remain up and for you to get a good report next week. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

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