So John made a really good point. He didn’t like having the music play each time you went to my blog and then having to find the post with the playlist to turn it off. I know some people may read it at work or other places where the music would bother them. SO, after much thought and research I came up with an alternative. Bear with me because this blog really is trial and error! Also the song I posted by Watermark was only a small portion of the song. Sorry. Hopefully this will work and you can just press the play button when you want to hear the song. YouTube was a great option because now you can read the lyrics (on some songs) and they have more Christian music (even songs I have never heard).  So here goes:





2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Michelle, Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. I have enjoyed u tube music while I work today and it has uplifted me to praise God while I work. One of my golden oldie christian songs is “His Eye Is On The Sparrow And I Know He Watches Me. Roniie and I prayed today that you will especially feel God’s presence with you.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley
    Ronnie & Debbie

  2. I hope you are doing well. And so sorry for the loss of your friend. I will pray for her family. And my prayers and Thanks will continue for you are your family too. Thanks for sharing the songs.

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