Round 2, Cycle 3

Today was my third week of chemo. What usually is an uneventful day turned very interesting. When I first got there I learned that they were doing maintenance on the blood counts machine. This meant that they had to take my blood and then drive it over to their Chesterfield office (about a 40 minute drive) test it and then fax the results back. I had to wait for my chemo because my doses depend on what my numbers are. Well my body decided to be stingy. When they went to draw the blood they couldn’t get any. They had me take some really deep breaths and that didn’t work. Then they had me stand up and when that didn’t work they had me raise my hand above my head. I am sure I looked very funny! I told the nurse that pretty soon they would have me dancing around the room just to have a laugh. They finally had to use some awful smelling stuff (forgot the name) and that did the trick. When the numbers finally came back they were unchanged. My white blood cells were 2.4 (normal is 4.6) my red blood cells were 7.8 (not sure what normal is but I am well below) and my platelets were 110 (well below). The good news is that neither my white blood cells or my platelets fell much from last week. That is good news because during my first round, over the three weeks my numbers got increasing worse each week. Hopefully my body is getting use to the chemo. So by now you are wondering how much I got. Since next week is my week off the doctor decided to up the dose to 600 (last week I only had 400).

I also wanted to post about how last week went. My mom came because John was on a long, long trip! (he was gone for 8 days- just got home tonight!!! Yea!!) On Thursday (usually my worst day) I only took a 30 minute nap. I felt tired and sore but not as bad as it has been in the past. On Friday I didn’t take a nap at all. (usually I would take a nap when the girls took one). Overall I was surprised at how good I felt. I am hoping that this week will be just as easy.


One thought on “Round 2, Cycle 3

  1. I am glad you are getting stronger and feeling better. Thank God! At first I wasn’t sure if they were gonna get any blood from you. I hope and pray this week you feel even better and stronger.

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