Happy Birthday

So last Friday was my 37th birthday. And for the first time in 10 years my husband was actually home on my birthday! He usually has a trip so this was exciting. He baked a cake and frosted it. It was nice to celebrate my birthday on the right day. I wanted to say a quick thanks for all the well wishes on my special day. I got to spend it with my kids and husband and that made it the perfect day.

Yesterday (Monday) was a beautiful day! Since we had been cooped up inside for the last week, we decided to go outside and get some fresh air. It also allowed the kids to play with some of their new Christmas gifts. I thought I would share some of those pictures.

The girls got tricycles. They have been trying to ride them in the basement but there isn’t much room down there. They were so excited to get to ride them outside.

Jett got a rockboard scooter. You actually pump the feet back and forth to make it move. It is built like a kinda like a bike with a chain. Jett loves it!

Today was my second round, second cycle of chemo. Let me explain that really quickly. I will be doing a total of 6 rounds or 6 months. Each month I do 3 cycles or 3 weeks. Then I get one week off. Hope that makes everything clear as mud! So today my levels were all below normal. Most concerning was my red blood cells! Luckily I was also able to get Aranesp (helps boost the red blood cells) this week so hopefully this will boost them enough to keep the chemo from making them any lower. If they are even lower next week, we will talk about getting a blood transfusion. The nurses all say that after patients get these transfusions they say they didn’t realize just how fatigued they were. Today I only got 400.  Hopefully next week I can get more because my levels will be higher.

Once again I am dealing with chemo brain. This time everything seems to be very fuzzy. The other night I tried to sing a song we sing EVERY night during worship. For some reason I couldn’t remember the tune or how exactly the words went. I also have a hard time coming up with the right word for something and then when I do come up with the word it doesn’t sound right. Also I often have a thought in my head but stubble and stutter trying to express that idea. It is very frustrating!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Looks like your weather id better than ours! We were in the bathroom with tornados! So glad you were able to enjoy some sunshine with your family. You all look happy and blessed! Sorry I missed the birthday so Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. So glad it was wonderful for you and the family. I always enjoy the pictures of the children. They are so precious and really growing! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. We’re inspired!

    • Brenda,

      Just wanted to say a quick hello. I got your letter the other day. Thanks so much! Your girls are beautiful. It is amazing how quickly they grow up. Sounds like you guys had a very busy holiday season too.

      I am very blessed to have family close by. My sister lives less than an hour away and my mom lives about 4 hours away. John’s family lives about 45 minutes away. I also have lots of friends who live nearby. Two of my friends provide meals each week so John and the kids always have something to eat. Our church also calls once a month to see what they can do to help. I can’t remember, do you have family that lives close by? Miss you guys lots, Michelle


      • Michelle,

        We miss you too dearly! No, we have no family out here. Anesthesia school is what brought us to Latrobe, Pa. We decided to stay as we found a church we love and made wonderful friends there. Our church offers an amazing children’s ministry and we felt God was telling us to stay. Mark had a good job offer here and we really didn’t want to start over. So all our family is back in northeastern Ohio in various spots. The closest is Mark’s family which is 3 hours.

        So wonderful to hear back from you!

        God Bless,

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