Round Two

Here I sit in my very comfortable chemo chair. Okay that was a lie. The chair really isn’t that comfortable. My blood test came back very good. My platelets were 154 which are above normal. Last time they were all the way down to 87 so he was very pleased! My white blood cells were also in the normal range. I guess the Nuselta worked. The only thing that wasn’t normal was my red blood cells. They were below normal. The doctor says that next week I can get another shot to boost those. Apparently that shot is only given once every three weeks. He also said that the side effects of low red blood cells are shortness of breath and fatigue. If I have any of those symptoms this time around I can always get a blood transfusion. So by now you are wondering what kind of dose I am getting this time around. Well we are going to go a little higher. My normal dose (the one I got my first treatment) was 1600. The second two weeks (when I got lower doses) I only got 400. This time around I am getting 1000. We will see how I feel and what that does with my levels. Hopefully this time it won’t affect my levels too much and I can get bigger doses. Once again the doctor was very happy with my lack of back pain so the thought is that the chemo is still working.


8 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. I’m so thankful that your blood counts are up! God is so good ,for answering our prayers. Continue to be trusting. As you are sitting in your (comfortable chair) I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!!!!

  2. That’s very good news for you, Michelle! I hope your body adjusts to the higher dosage. Have you ever had a transfusion before? I haven’t. I get my CT Friday, so we’ll see how the meds have worked on my liver. Happy early birthday, dear friend. I hope you feel well enough to celebrate! And tell John Mike bought a pair of chaps.

  3. Great news! Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen.
    Hope is something you can’t see and faith takes it a step further!
    I am praying that you are filled to overflowing with hope and faith this week.
    Love you,
    Aunt Kim

  4. Thank God, We are praying everyday for you! and God is proving prayers can be answered. I will also pray that you won’t get sick from the high doses of shots you will be recieving. I believe you are a strong girl by the way you are taking this on. Prayers and praises for you and your family!!
    And I gave my problem of loosing my job to God and am at peace now. I worked at the daycare for almost 15 years, I think He knew I needed a rest. Take care and can’t wait for more cute pictures of your little ones.

  5. Michelle is right those chairs are terrible, although I was able to sleep for 30 minutes while Michelle was getting chemo (stress). I am so proud of my wife, all of this craziness going on in our lives and she is the strongest. She is such a great person and mom, our kids are so blessed, as well as me!! Thank you for all of your support, both in prayer and actions. We have such a support system through family, friends and church and are so thankful for all you guys do. I just ask that all of you continue to pray we as we will continue to look for his guidance.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Sounds like all good news. And we are so pleased to hear the pain is still gone. My Mom is at the CBC Clinic today getting her 6&1/2 year check up. I will call and see her results. Well the Doc said “I just can’t find a thing wrong with you”. Praise the Lord she continues to be cancer free. We are continuing to pray for you and for your healing and my parents continue to pray for you also. Mom and Dad just love your folks. Dad calls them Grandma and Grandpa. We have a busy church weekend coming up with a guest speaker from Oklahoma having a Mini Seminar. Take care and enjoy your weekend with that beautiful family of yours.
    Praying for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie & Debbie

  7. Hi Michelle,
    What great news that your blood counts are up! We continue to keep you and your dear family in prayer. We are so happy that you seem to have a good support system to help you through this. Sending you lots of love and many prayers!
    Brenda Kantola

  8. Currently reading: This Beautiful Mess, by Rick McKinley. Chapter 6: Already, not yet. You are all over this chapter. I cried and cried…

    Thinking of you.. praying for you..

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