That’s right I am on chemocation. What is that you ask? This week is my week off of chemo. I only get one week off a month so this week is like a vacation for me. This is the week I get to be 100% parent. This week will be spent with my kids making up for all the time I didn’t get to spend with them. This week will be all about quality time with them. I am like a sponge soaking up all their attention! I can’t wait!

I thought I would explain what happened last week. On Tuesday I got chemo and my Xgeva shot. Then on Wednesday I got a Nuelesta shot along with a shot that helps me make red blood cells (can’t remember what they called it). For a needle diva that is a lot of shots! When they tested my blood they found that I was very anemic. Raising the red blood cells will help with that. Boy did I forget how painful the Nuelesta shot was! On Thursday and Friday, every time I got up from a sitting or laying position my whole body would throb pain for about ten seconds. The pain was so bad at times I would see stars when I stood up. Once up however it would stop. I am encouraged because I still have not had the horrible back pain that I had prior to chemo. Hopefully my chemo ninjas are attacking all that cancer!

My bad days seem to be Thursday and Friday. So I have decided that the weekends and my chemocation will be all about me and my kids. I want to make up for when I don’t feel good and doing special things with them is going to be priority. With the new year upon me one of my resolutions is to make many memories and don’t take any of the time I am given with them forgranted.  I thought I was going to go a long time without having to fight this again so I slacked on this. Did anyone else make any resolutions?


4 thoughts on “Chemocation

  1. Hi Michelle,

    My only resolution was to thank God every day for the many options we have with our cancer treatments. Not so long ago there were no other options. So glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying your beautiful children. I am recovering from surgery and will start radiation treatments in about 3 weeks. May God bless you every day with renewed courage and strength.

  2. My New Years resolution was to exercise again, but that was dashed when I found out my job was coming to an end after 14 years. Now I know when God closes a door He opens a window. So I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and count my blessings. I am so happy that your pain is going away. And I will continue to pray that God will heal you again as He has before. And have a great time with your precious little ones!!

  3. Hi Michelle
    My resolution is for all of you get well. Your still in my Prayer’s along with my friend Tina.
    May God gave you all more Blessing’s and your family’s.

  4. Wow.. Michelle every time I read your updates I am so amazed on your attitutude and realize man I have no troubles at all. God bless you for being a blessing to me…!!!

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