Happy New Year


On New Year Day, John and I had the opportunity to go to the last Ram’s game of the season. One of John’s co-workers has season tickets and let John and I use them. Thanks Mike! He also got us passes to go down on the field before the game started. We had such a great time! When we were down on the field we got to walk around the whole field. We also got to see both the Rams and the 49ers practicing. It is amazing to see these men up close. They are like giants!! So I thought I would share some of the cool pictures we got.

The last game of his coaching career in St. Louis. From the comments around us during the game everyone really wanted him to go!

Here is us at the game.

Here is a picture of the team running on the field to practice.

Hope all you sports fans enjoyed the pictures. The Rams of course ended up losing but at the end, the game really got interesting. A little history for those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in California. I was and kinda still am a fan of the 49ers. It is hard to follow them when you don’t get many of their games on TV. Since living in St. Louis I started cheering for the Rams even though they haven’t had a winning season in a while. Very excited to see the 49ers going to the playoffs.

One funny idea I had on the way to the game was for a sign or shirt I should have made. It would have said “If I can beat cancer you can beat the 49ers”



One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year. We are praying it will be the best year ever for you. First year ever, fell asleep before New Year’s struck. The game pictures looked great and the clarity wonderful. Not sure about your weather there must not have been to cold a day. We are quite in the freeze here. REMEMBER………………………..
    Someone in Pewee Valley is praying for you.
    Ronnie & Debbie

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