Test Results

So I thought I would share the PET scan results. I had the PET scan done on Thursday and expected to get the results on Friday. However my oncologist’s office closed at 3 and they still didn’t have the results. I called my breast surgeon who I knew could get the results. What I got was so not expected and I am still not sure how to react. The scan shows that my lower back is unchanged. So where I am having the pain there is no cancer and now I don’t have an answer to why I have so much pain. However I had some spots show up where there were none before. I have new spots on my left ribs (which was not the side that hurt before) on my upper spine, and on my shoulder bone. These didn’t show up on the bone scan done 2 months ago.

I am not sure what to feel about these new results. On one hand they could be nothing. Often times PET scans show false positives or some sort of damage. On the other hand it could be cancer. Now from what I understand cancer would hurt and I have no pain in these areas. The course of treatment (if I had pain in those areas) would be radiation. I still need to figure out why my lower back is painful so the doctor ordered a MRI of both the upper and lower spine. I don’t have a date for the MRI so I will let everyone know when I find out. Please pray that these spots are nothing.


6 thoughts on “Test Results

  1. Michelle, we will pray that the spots are nothing to be concerned with and that your pain subsides or diminishes. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you on a daily basis. Let us know if you need any assistance. We will be leaving for AZ on Monday, December 12 and won’t be back until January 8, 2012. Happy Holidays From Our Home To Your Home.

  2. Please know we are standing in the gap on your behalf! It is good to know that you have a Savior, Jesus, that intercedes on your behalf!
    We are sending our love your way.
    Aunt Kim and Uncle Dave

  3. Try not to worry, which is easier said than done. But continue to put it in God’s hands. He has brought you this far. My prayers will remain with you and your family.

  4. Michelle, You are always in my thoughts and prayers but I will say extra prayers for you that everything turns out fine. If you need anything do not hesitate to call.

  5. Dear Shelly, we just pray very earnestly and often that the spots will be nothing and that the pain will go away. God is mighty and we pray that he will heal you completely. We love you and your little family!

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