So I thought I would share a picture of our family that was taken on Thanksgiving day.

I did make the girl’s dresses and I blogged about it HERE. You can just click on the word HERE to view it.

I wanted to also let everyone know that my test results for my armpit came back clean. It was just an infected hair follicle. That being said I have a PET scan this Thursday. Over the last 2 months I have had some incredible back pain. This Sunday and Monday I was in intense pain (it has since gone away). I took Advil but it only took the edge off for 2 hours. It was some of the worst pain I have had since chemo. When I went to get my monthly shot my oncologist said this pain is not normal. So they want to rule out cancer and then go from there. The pain is a throbbing pain that doesn’t stop no matter what I do. Please say a prayer that the test will come back clean.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Michelle,
    I love the family picture! Glad to hear that your diagnosis was no more than an infected hair follicle. Prayers offered for a clean PET scan tomorrow!


  2. Beautiful family!!! I love the girls dresses. I am praying for good results from the Pet scan. Thank God for hair follicles. They are so much easier than what you have been through.

    Michelle, I pray for you each night.


  3. You have a nice looking family. And my prayers will continue every day for you and your family. Will be waiting to hear the good news, just stay possitive and i will also pray for your pain to go away.

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