When I was first diagnosed I heard that if you set goals of events you want to see, it would help you want to fight to get there. This would give you a positive outlook on your fight. So I decided I would set goals both long term and short term. Some of my long term goals are weddings, graduations, and grandchildren. I would love to be there for these moments. I also set short term goals. Some of these include birthdays, holidays, and sporting events. One of the silly goals I set was at the beginning of the year. My mom got Jett a daily devotional book and my thought was if I could get through the whole book without my cancer coming back that would be really good. Each night as we read a page I know I am one day closer to that goal. Now that we are into November I check to see just how far I have come and how much I still have to go. My thought is that the longer I go without the cancer coming back the better. When I was first diagnosed my doctor said that we have many treatment options up our sleeves. That is where I want those to stay for a few years. Also with as much research as they are doing, the longer I go without having to touch one of those treatment options, the more chances there are, that we might be able to add newly discovered treatments.

Speaking of milestones, on November 2nd my little baby turned 2. She is growing up too quickly. We didn’t really celebrate with a party (we will celebrate with one big party in April when the other two have their birthday). I did bake a cake for her. I thought I would share some pictures of Kaylee.

Kaylee came out all smiles. She is always smiling.

Here is Kaylle at her first birthday. She loves cake!

And this is Kaylee on her second birthday.


6 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Kaylie is a beautiful blue-eyed doll! It is so great to hear your positive side. God is indeed showing the hope He has for you. We also have hope for you to see your grandchildren, etc.

    There are so many new discoveries in treatments, that I have the same hope as you do. I had my last chemo treatment yesterday, and will meet with the surgeon on the 21st. I’m a third of the way through this ordeal!!!. Thank you for the encouragement you have given me.

    Jonnie Grosshans

  2. Michelle,

    Kaylie is looking more like Abby everyday. Both are beautiful girls and Jett is a good looking boy. Hopefully your cancer will never comes back and you won’t have to worry about the advancements they are making on treatments. My prayers are always with you and your family.


  3. I agree with the philosophy of setting short and long term goals. Kaylee looks so much older with piggy tails. Absolutely adorable. They are growing up fast! ENJOY

  4. God bless sweet Kaylee for another year. She is looking more like her sister,which is beautiful!!!
    Shelly, with God on your side, you will see many more milestones in your life.
    Just keep looking up and you will be given strength to see these milestones as they come.

    We love you, Papa and Grandma

    (we will see you soon)

  5. Kaylee looks so sweet. I wish you all the
    happyness in the world. God bless you and keep
    your spirits up . Take Care
    Joyce Dozier

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