Dressing up

I know I am late in posting our Halloween pictures. We have been the sick house this week. Both girls had the stomach flu at the beginning of the week and Friday night it was Jett’s turn. Hopefully we are finished because I don’t want to get it! So here are their pictures:

The first is of Jett. He was a Transformer (not sure which one). I usually don’t make his costume.



Here is Abby. Can you guess what she is?

Here is Kaylee. She is a poodle. I really didn’t like the way this turned out. Because it was so cold outside I decided to put her in a sweatsuit which didn’t look as good as tights and a turtleneck. She also wouldn’t wear the ears.


I also made these dresses with matching hair bows.

So did you guess what Abby is yet? Most people said “Oh what a cute Raggedy Ann doll she is.” If you thought this (and don’t be ashamed,  John said the same thing) you were wrong. She is actually Strawberry Shortcake- the original one.


4 thoughts on “Dressing up

  1. Michelle, what a great job on the costume’s, dresses, and bows! The kids are adorable and getting so big. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading your posts and seeing pictures too.


  2. Michelle,

    The costumes are great. You are so talented. I am impressed with all the clothes you sew for the kids. I pray for happy days ahead!


  3. Oh Michelle what adorable costumes. What a talent to be able to sew and to have the creative ability to pull it all together. All 3 of the kids look so cute. I am sure they had a great time. Your folks came to the church game night last night and Ronnie and I had such a great time with them. Plenty of board games and snacks and of course popcorn and apples. Thanks for taking the time to share your family with us.
    Continuing to pray for you in Pewee Valley,
    Ronnie and Debbie

  4. They are all so cute!!! I thought ragedy ann too, but after you said strawberry shortcake, I was like yeah she does look like her. Love the spider hairbows!!!!!

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