One Proud Mama

There are lots of things our kids do that make us proud as parents. While it is great to hear your kids recite their ABC, write their names, say all the presidents, or know their colors, there is something else that tops all of that!
To me teaching my children about God is more important. John and I are in agreement that giving our children a good Christian education comes first. To accomplish this, we have worship with them each night.
To me this takes on a new meaning. Daily I claim the promise made in Proverbs 22:6. This says: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” I know that I have to teach my kids now while I am alive because I want them to live good Christian lives.

So by now you are asking “Why are you one proud mama?”

This year Abby is old enough to attend AWANA. Each week she has to learn a text which she then recites to the leaders. She loves it! We have been doing this now for 7 weeks. Here is why I am sooooo proud.

Also I think it is so important to teach my children how to pray. One of the first things I teach about prayer is that we need to thank God for our food. Once again I am such a proud mama because Kaylee already knows she has to pray before we eat.

And lastly here is my son saying his memory verse for AWANA. He is learning his old and new testament but only knows the first half of each. He wanted to say this.



6 thoughts on “One Proud Mama

  1. Shelly, what a wonderful job you’re doing with those children! God bless you as you lead them to the foot of the cross. You’re a wonderful mother and I admire you so much for your devotion to your family and to the Lord.

    God bless you,


  2. I just loved watching these little ones showing their love for Jesus! Not only are you teaching them, you are also setting the stage for the future your GRANDCHILDREN will have! Abby, Kaylee and Jet will never forget your training and will pass that along to THEIR children! What a gift you are sharing!
    God Bless and keep you,

  3. That is something to be proud about! They are so adorable. Good job mom and one for AWANA too! We have a little girl from our daycare, who suffered a brain injury from being thrown out of her van in a car crash. She had also been attending AWANA. The day of the accident they told her mom she probably wouldn’t make it. But with prayers she has been doing remarkably. Her grandma also said them reciting the scriptures she learned at AWANAS helped her too! Now she is in Frazier rehab. She is still not talking but she is doing better each day. That is a good program for children.Praise God for all He does. And your children are so precious!!! Prayers always.

  4. Dear Shelly,
    This makes a greatgrandma proud too. God bless you for wanting your children to learn about God and also to learn what it means to want to be learning what it means to be His children. You are being a blessing to your children and a blessing to those
    who read this your story.
    Love you,

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