Praise Him in This Storm

Friday found me once again perched on my breast surgeon’s examining table. Around Labor Day I started having tenderness in my ribs. It didn’t hurt all the time, only when I touched it or laid on it. At first I thought I had injured it working my abs out. However after a few days I realized that it wasn’t a muscle strain. Because my cancer went to my spine there is a huge possibility that the cancer could attack again in my bones. So you can imagine my concern when after a week the pain was still there and it was a very sharp pain when touched. My doctor, who has always been straight with me, examined my ribs. She told me that if there was cancer she would feel a bump on the rib. She didn’t feel anything but after consulting with my oncologist, thought we needed do a bone scan. I also have been experiencing a lot of back pain and she said that if it were to come back it would probably show in my spine first. She then told me that if I took Advil and it took the pain away then it wasn’t cancer. So I went home and took an Advil. It didn’t even touch the pain. I got really afraid that the cancer had come back.

Tuesday, the day of the scan, was a very stressful day as I had to prepare myself to hear that the cancer had come back. John and I both thought it was back. It was almost like we were starting all over. I hate the feeling of not knowing and waiting. When the results came in we were surprised. The scan came back normal. There is no cancer in my ribs. Praise God! There is an uptake in my spine but it is unchanged from my last scan. My understanding is that it shows that I had cancer but there are no more tumors at this time. So the plan is now to not have any more scans until I show symptoms that would concern the doctors. Now I have a benchmark for pain. I will always have to deal with a very painful back but at least I know what my new normal is. I hate the feeling that every new pain is the cancer coming back but I have to be a realist. I do have stage 4 breast cancer that could come back at any time. I will continue on my diet because I know God has blessed me.


6 thoughts on “Praise Him in This Storm

  1. He has blessed you even if your cancer came back! But He is continuing to bless you more abundantly through this healing of your cancer too! My dad is still dealing with his stomach cancer. He has been cancer free for 6 years now but every time he goes in for his yearly exam, the fear comes back. No matter what happens now in your life, you can rest assured that God is taking care of you and your family. He will never leave you! So glad to hear your good news! We were praying specifically for you in our school board meeting Monday night and God heard!

  2. Michelle, Doris and I are so appreciative your updates and progress. Admittedly, this note did create a degree of anxiety for us as it surely did for you and John. Doris can truly empathize with your back pain since she has had to fight it for nearly 5 years now. Her’s is not CA but deterioration of the spine and other complications. She, like you, has a positive outlook that God will be the blessing as you express faith in His miraculous additions to medical science. The Psalmist helped us with his comments that He (God) will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and cover you with His wings. That’s where we find you today. We will continue holding you up in our prayer season.
    Lovingly, Pastor and Mrs. “O”

  3. We will continue to stand with you in prayer!
    “I pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe. This is the same mighty
    power that raised Christ from the dead!” Ephesians 1:19
    Love you,
    Kim and Dave

  4. I,m so thankful for the negative test results. We know that the Lord is surely watching over you. Just continue to put you trust in the Lord who has put His healing on you. I pray that you will feel His loving arms around you at all times. Our prayers are still going up for you.

    Love, Grandma

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always. I am glad that everything turned out fine, I am just so sorry you and John have to deal with the thoughts and waiting to find out the results. Keep up what you are doing because it is working. Know that God is always with both of you.

    Aunt Donna

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