Another thing to add to the letter

I forgot to address chemo brain in my letter. It is something that I struggle with still. You would think that eventually it would wear off but apparently it doesn’t. Most of the time it only affects a conversation. I can’t come up with a word or can’t finish a sentence.  For instance, someone asked me where John was and while I knew exactly where he was I couldn’t make my mouth come up with the location. It was like my brain to mouth connection wasn’t working. Sometimes I am in the middle of a conversation and I can’t for the life of me remember what I am talking about or what my point is. There are other times that I start to do something and all of a sudden I can’t remember what I was doing. It is very frustrating.

However nothing compares to last Wednesday. I knew that I had a doctor’s appointment in June. I now have an appointment with my breast surgeon every 3 months and my last appointment was in March. I couldn’t remember when it was and there was nothing written on the calendar. I knew that my appointment was written on a card, so I went in search of that card. I found the appointment card in my purse and proceeded to write it on the calendar. Wednesday came and I got ready for my appointment. I noted that it was strange that the appointment was so late (4 pm) and wondered why I had made it for that time. On the way to my appointment I thought it was strange that I didn’t get a reminder phone call the day before. I made a note that I would have to ask if they forgot to call me. (by now I am sure you see where this is going.) Of course I had all three kids with me as this was going to be a quick follow-up appointment. When I walked into the office, the receptionist asked if she could help me with a perplexed look on her face. I ask if I had an appointment and am informed that my doctor isn’t even in the office on Wednesdays. Then it dawns on me. I don’t have an appointment today. The card I found was for last year. The reason the appointment was made so late was because I was still working and needed an appointment after school hours. Boy don’t I feel like an air head!! I hate chemo brain!


3 thoughts on “Another thing to add to the letter

  1. Sorry; this must be sooo frustrating. I know I feel like some of my brain cells haven’t returned from being pregnant with Charles & Anna. Clearly, you are handling a lot, so please be gentle with yourself, giving yourself grace.

  2. Isn’t it frustrating?! I remember asking my oncologist in March ’10 (after chemo ended June ’09), if I would be lame-brained forever. Fortunately, my brain fog resolved itself soon after. So, be gentle with yourself because it does improve.
    I’m finishing packing my room today, so I’ll be in touch soon. We have lots of catching-up to do!

  3. Chemo Brain or not……you are ONE AMAZING lady!!! I have learned a lot from you during your battle….I know one major thing……the POWER of prayer is AWESOME! I continue to pray for you and your family!!! Wish you the best! You are in my thoughts…..

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