Happy Birthday

So two weekends ago was the big birthday party. We usually throw one big party for the kids. We find it is easier planning and paying for one party then to try to throw three seperate parties. This year was a big deal because of my diagnosis. This is another year I got to be with my children and to celebrate with them.
About three months ago Abby started saying she wanted a My Little Pony birthday. John suggested that we rent a pony. With stage 4 cancer you never know how many birthdays you have left so John wants to make every one of them count. After watching the weather all week we were worried that it was going to rain for the whole party. We lucked out!! We got an hour of dry time which was perfect for the pony. Actually if we could have only rented the pony for 5 minutes that would have been perfect! Both the girls cried and Jett proclaimed that the pony was boring! At least we had the bounce house which the kids enjoyed. That seems to be a hit each year.
So I thought I would share some pictures from the party.

Here was Kaylee’s reaction to the pony.

Here is a good picture of the girl’s outfits. I whipped these up in a week. Don’t look too close because you would see tons of mistakes and shortcuts!

Here is Abby’s reaction. Actually this was the calmed down version. She cried but eventually took a ride. (Only if Jett was with her!) He rolled his eyes the whole time and couldn’t wait to get off the horse. I really think he liked it but didn’t want to look “uncool.”

We go Abby a Dora bike.

We got Jett an I-pod touch. This was his celebration! Yes, Yes, Yes!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Michelle, thanks for sharing the birthday pictures! You look great!!! I love the girls outfits, they’re adorable.


  2. Michelle, you and John are doing a great job with the kids. They will never forget this b/d. By the way, I searched for mistakes in the girls dresses and couldn’t find a one. You hid them well.

    Norm and Doris O

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