Easter Dress

As promised I am posting the pictures from Easter. Enjoy a whole bunch of cuteness!!

Here are the dresses

Here is all the kids after hunting for Easter eggs.

Our family- Yes Kaylee is giving you the stink-eye. She didn’t want her picture taken!!


6 thoughts on “Easter Dress

  1. I remember when my mom made me a Easter dress! It was the gunnie sack style that was so popular when I was young. Your girls will look back at these pictures and love these dresses! Hope your weather is calming down and you are getting some sunshine! Hope you can enjoy the weather. Are you going to plant a garden with your kids? Happy Spring!

  2. Dear Michelle!
    Thank you so much for the pictures. You did a great job on the dresses. The little girls are darling and they have a nice big brother. Aunt Louise

    You all are looking like a real family….you know little kids growing up so fast!

    And Oh! You will be busy if you are moving. OOoo! Oooo! that is a project to pack all ‘the stuff’ and get to the next place. But when it is all finished you will get settled down and back to ‘real life.

    We have been praying for you and glad that y ou are ‘over the hump.’ Uncle Roy

  3. Thanks, Shelly, for the “whole bunch of cuteness”. Your babies are absolutely beautiful. In fact, the whole family is. Hope your weather has settled down and that the process of getting ready to move is not too much of an ordeal. You amaze me, girl — always up for a challenge.

    Our love and prayers are still with you all.

  4. I love your pictures!You are looking Good!!!!! Your children are adorable. Thanks for sharing and you and your family are always in my prayers.

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