So several weeks ago I looked like this:
I really started to look bad but I just couldn’t bear to go have my hair cut! There is just something about getting your too short hair cut even shorter. The problem was that when I lost my hair during chemo, not all of it left my head. That left me with really thin hair. After I finished chemo my hair started to grow again. This new hair growth came in thicker so I had this thin layer of longer hair. It was looking pretty bad. The thinner stuff was also grey I guess because of the chemo. So after putting it off, I finally went through with it and boy doesn’t it look so much better! Here is a picture of my new haircut. This picture was taken the day of my haircut so it looks great. I can’t say that I have been able to do it the same again but it still does look better.

I just wanted to thank everyone for giving their imput into the breast cancer donation topic. Because I got such a positive response, we are going to go ahead with that plan. We have even asked all the relatives (grandparents and aunts, and uncles) to get one small gift ($10-$15) and then donate the rest to breast cancer research. I know it is unfair to ask them not to get gifts so we asked them to scale it down!!!  My children don’t need anything and if all the relatives get one small gift then they will still have things to open. Of course we are going to get them gifts as well but that is the job of a parent.

Monday I went in to get my bone building shot. I am beginning to dread going to get that shot. It makes my back and joints really hurt for the rest of the week. I have to make myself work-out the next day and while it isn’t as hard as I normally would, at least I get some cardio in.


5 thoughts on “Haircut!

  1. Yeah you got to get a hair cut, that is a good thing!I love seeing your pictures!!Why is it we can never fix our hair the same way the stylist does? Thank God everyone is doing well! Prayers are always with you and your family!! I love those smiles!! 😉

  2. You look so good. Your hair will not be so hard looking great with that stile(or however you spell it) It is a good thing you only have to go once a month for that shot. I just thank the Lord for your up-beat attitude. God is good and He will continue to give you the strength that you need. Love you much!!!!

  3. It is so good to teach kids to give back and help others! thye won’t miss the bigger gifts either! Summer is almost here so everyone is going short with the hairstyles! Looks good! Hope you are enjoying some warmer weather with the kids! I know we are! Praise God for HIS continued work to you and through you!

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