Spring Cleaning

I realize that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Since I am not in treatment I don’t have a lot to report. I haven’t been to a doctor in a while so no new updates. And yes that is a great feeling!

This week I have started spring cleaning. I figure since I cleaned out my body, now it is my house’s turn. Boy do we have a lot of junk. I am going through every room, every drawer, and every shelf and giving away the things I haven’t used in a few years. I weeded through all my clothes and ended up giving away 3 garbage bags full of clothes. Because I have been working out, my body shape has changed, so some of my clothes don’t fit. Also I had to get rid of all my V-neck shirts.

I have also started to go through the kid’s toys. You would think we had more than 3 kids. With birthdays coming up, I am dreading what our house will look like!  Over the years I have asked birthday party guests not to bring gifts simply because my kids do not need any more toys! Also, personally I don’t like to intrupt all the playing so that my kids open gifts while all the other kids have to watch. As a kid I would have much rather be playing, not watching another child opening all those gifts. I also think it is rude not to open gifts at a birthday party if guests bring them. That being said I would love to get everyone’s opinion. This year I would love to ask people to forgo getting a gift and instead make a donation to breast cancer research and give my children the gift of their mother. Does that sound rude or weird?


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Michelle! I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!! I would love to have had that opportunity when my kids were younger and going to birthday parties! What an awesome thought, would much rather give a lasting gift like that than a 10 toy that would be forgotten in days! I say go for it!!

  2. Wish you lived closer because we are gathering things for a garage sale! Maybe you could have one and donate your proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness. There are also lots of things you can do with your kids to get them involved with fundraising; even if it is just a little bit of money! Good luck! Enjoy your cleaning!

  3. Sounds neither rude nor weird. Sounds like you, Shelly. Thinking of others and wanting to pay your blessings forward. You’re a remarkable young lady!

  4. I like that idea. You coule also request books for the kids and as each is opened, read some of them. O think that books last much longer then toys anyway. Glad things are looking up.

  5. Great Idea Michelle!!!!! I think it a great lesson for your children to see what is important in life.


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