I Think I See the Sun!

Yesterday I took the girls up to the school I worked in last year. It was great to see everyone and I am very blessed to have such supportive co-workers. During this ordeal they have stood behind me, sent me cards and flowers, came to visit, and helped me clean out my classroom. This visit was also very emotional for me. You see, I learned I had cancer at school. Since I never posted the story of how I found out I had cancer, I thought I would explain. When I found my lump I had to have a biopsy. It took a few days to get the results so of course, being the stubborn person I am, I wanted to finish out the school year (we had a few days left). Then on the day I was going to get back my results, my principal came to my room and asked to see me. When I walked out in the hall I saw my husband and immediately knew I had cancer. I almost didn’t make it to the office. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that. It all seems a blur. I do know that they found someone to cover my class so I could go meet with the surgeon. With all the testing after that I didn’t go back to finish out the year. Some other teachers cleaned out my classroom and finished up all my paperwork. I hadn’t been back since that day. I have to say as I drove up yesterday my stomach got upset and all those memories rushed up.

Yesterday we also played outside because it was beautiful! I thought I would share some pictures of the girls outside.

And this is what happens when you leave the room and the trash bags are within little hand’s reach. We call her our hurricane.

3 thoughts on “I Think I See the Sun!

  1. Thank God you are ok now!!! You made me cry when I read that.Now just try to quit worrying and put the worry in God’s hands. He has done alot keeping you safe this year. And I believe He wants you here for a reason. Look at how you missed being in a car wreck too. Your children are so cute! My prayers will continue for you and your family and I do continue to tell others of your story. Because it is Amazing!! Praise God! And enjoy the beautiful weather!

  2. I SO can relate to your feelings. Unexpected moments bring memories flooding back, bringing post-treatment fear & worry. I think of it as a ‘mini-PTSD’. Totally understandable; gets easier w/ time if that’s any comfort.

    You are blessed to have had such support from colleagues, friends & family. Thanks for sharing the ‘cuteness’. All your childrens’ pictures bring back pleasant memories of my own kids when they were little!!

  3. Thank the Lord for the sunshine of His love. Just continue to feel the sunshine of His Love. Even if the sun is not shining in the sky remember His love is shining on you. Just keep looking up. God bless you and your dear family. I talked to a lady at church yesterday who has had the same experience and she wanted to get your blog. Her name is Kathy and she has a blog, so I hope you can hear from her as she was very interested in your story,so maybe you can get together. Love, Grandma

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