Scan Results

Many of you know that today was the day for my scans. What I didn’t tell everyone was that my back has been really bothering me. When I was first diagnosed with stage 4, they found several spots on my spine. Looking back a few weeks before that diagnosis, I had complained to John that we needed a new mattress because ours was making my back hurt. Fast forward to the last few months and I started having bad back aches that felt just like before. I was really worried so I brought it up to my doctor and he decided that we could do a PET scan at my 6 month appointment. I really didn’t want to worry anyone so I kinda kept it all to myself. I had been praying that the pain was nothing but deep down I wondered if the cancer could have already come back.
Today I got my answer. Are you sitting down? Can you guess the results? I AM CLEAN!!!! These are just preliminary results but after my PET we were given the disc and I took that to my oncologist and he took a look and said he didn’t see anything. In fact it looks like the holes that were there have been filled in with bone. My body is fighting the cancer and winning!!! God is great isn’t he? Now I won’t have the typed up report until Friday when I go to the surgeon but my doctor said it looks really good.

So now the question is why does my back still hurt? It could be a number of reasons. I am still taking a shot that helps my bones grow and that seems to really affect my joints. My knees and ankles hurt most of the time so I guess it would stand to reason that my back would hurt as well. There is also the fact that I do have a 1 year old. She does like to be held a lot of the time and I still have to lift her in and out of her crib. What mother doesn’t have a sore back at the end of the day? Also there is the fact that my wonderful husband flipped our mattress because he has a very bad back and does better on a harder mattress.  He likes a hard mattress while I like a soft mattress  (We have discussed getting one of those sleep number mattresses). Also I have really been working out with weights and walking longer and faster. I guess when you put all of this together it could make my back hurt.

So I thought I would post some cuteness. So what do you do when you find a whole sheet of stickers? Of course you put it all over yourself.

These are some pictures from Valentine’s day. I know I am a little late!

Here is a picture of the girl’s outfits. Of course the matched but I didn’t make these! I couldn’t get a good picture of the two of them with their outfits.




11 thoughts on “Scan Results

  1. I was so excited when your Mom called me. I said just praise the Lord for His wonderful goodness. You have had His prescence with you all through this time. We know the many prayers that have gone up to the Father have been answered in a wonderful way.Just continue to trust and have faith that God does have a plan for you.

    Love you! Grandma

  2. WOW! What awesome news!!! God is amazing!!! Nothing like the power of prayer!!! So HAPPY for you!!! Love your new pics!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news! God Bless! barb zarzeck

  3. I’m so happy for you Michelle! I know you will continue to heal as God continues to put His hands on you. Darling pictures of the kids! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hooray for clean results!!!!! Dave and I finally bought a really good mattress after 35 years of marriage. We love it! Sleep is very important! Get one of the number ones so that you both can be happy! We love the pics of the kids!

  5. Praise God Shelly! That is wonderful news. God is telling you to quit worrying too. My prayers and praises will continue. And your children are adorable. Has your daughter ever put stickers on you? One time I went into the gas station, I think my girlwas four, I had stickers all over my back. It looked kinda of funny. They love those stickers. And remember we are here for you too for those prayers whenever you get worried again, don’t, Just put it in God’s hands and He will take care of it!! Have a wonderful week. and Praise God again for His miracles!!!!

  6. Dear Shelly, what wonderful news! We rejoice with you and thank God that He’s still at work for you. I know what you mean about the bone-building drugs. I also take one for osteoporosis (Forteo) and most every bone and joint is in constant pain. So chin up, kiddo. It’s good to know the drugs are working.


  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! sometimes that is all that can be said when God does something like that! Remember this feeling of awe with God when you get down….He is there in the good and bad but these high times are just wonderful to bask in! We will definitely say a thank you prayer with the class today! WOW!

  8. What wonderful news! It brought a tear to my eye and put a smile on my face. God’s work is amazing and you are living proof of that. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I must say, what an absolutely beautiful family the two of you have made. Jett is a very handsome young man and the girls are gorgeous. I will continue to keep all of you in prayer.

    Vickie Cobillas

  9. What wonderful news for you. Another answer to prayer. The kids are so precious. I remember those days when my daughter was little. Such fun. We are continuing to pray for you. By the way, LOVE THE HAIR. YEAH.
    Ronnie & Debbie

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