My Angel

Yesterday my angel was working overtime! As many of you know we live on a two lane country road with steep side ditches. For those who have never driven this road, it is very dangerous. I am amazed at how people drive on this road. They speed and there are so many impatient people passing where they shouldn’t. Since we have lived here, we have seen so many wrecks just in our back yard. That being said I am very careful when turning into our subdivision. I always start braking and turning on my blinker early so people know I am turning. I also check my rear view mirror to make sure the car behind me is slowing down as well. You can probably see where this story is going.

Yesterday as I was slowing down to make that turn, I checked my mirror and noticed that the car behind me was also slowing down. All of a sudden I hear a screeching sound. I realize that the truck behind the car that was behind me, was not going to stop in time. In that split second I decide to hit the gas and forget about turning. I had come to an almost complete stop because I was waiting for oncoming traffic. I hear the truck hit the car and then watch as that car is pushed forward and into the oncoming lane. Unfortunately, there was an oncoming SUV which in turn hit the car, T-boning the car. It took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t hit. I am not sure how I moved far enough ahead so that I wasn’t hit but I can only guess that my angel had my foot pressed on the gas. The lady in the SUV didn’t fair quite as well. She was taken away by ambulance. (the speed limit is 55 and I am sure she was going 55 or more) The couple in the car seemed okay, but the passenger was taken by ambulance as well. The cars looked really bad! I know that God has his hand over me and he definitely has a plan.


8 thoughts on “My Angel

  1. I am fully convinced that God had His protective hand on you. We continue to pray for God to complete His perfect work in your life. You are precious!!

  2. Michelle, God is watching over you and protecting you. I am glad you are okay and sorry for the other people hopefully they will be okay. I hope everything else is going good in your life. Take care and let me know if you need anything. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers always.

  3. Shelly, another miracle! I’m so thankful that you were able to avoid a nasty accident. I can just see an angel moving your car to safety and God commanding Satan to back off. You truly are in the hands of a loving God!

  4. Thank the Lord again!!!
    You have had so many blessings they are hard to count all of them. But we know if we place our hands in His , we will be asured of His care. We also pray that the other lady that she will have healing.
    We pray for you each day and have you on our mind always.
    Love, Grandm & Papa

  5. God is good ALL the time! What a reassurance it is when our angels step in a protect us! thanks for sharing your story…I shared it with my class and we had a special prayer for you and thanked God for our angels!

  6. Thank God for that Angel! I am glad you are safe and no one was killed. My daughter’s 16 year old friend was killed in a car wreck 2 weeks ago. He ran a red light and was t-boned. You just never know. I believe that God does have a plan for you. Maybe helping other people know what you did. I know your blogs helped a lot of people. A lot of faith in God works wonders! Have a happy Sabbath!! Praises and prayers will continue for you and your family.

  7. Oh Michelle, We are so glad you are ok. When you know God has put out his hand and touched you and cared for you……….there is no feeling like it. Can’t you just see the Angels with all their power and glory guiding your car to safety, I can. I will take a minute and thank God for being there with you. You continue to take care of yourself and those precious little ones and remember..
    Someone in Pewee Valley is praying for you each day.
    Love Ronnie & Debbie

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